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  1. Moser Bear

    When you are absent at the Time of result out at ur school and ur frnd collect your marksheet and comes to give front of ur parents.(he has a better marks than u).. 🤣

  2. Granny’s got a Gun

    Bit sad that now neither coutinho or wijnaldum are Liverpool players anymore

  3. Patricia Mattock

    Absolutely loved that💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕so funny…..sooooooo missing them all, roll on next season, can’t wait.

  4. ༄qDeatxh_Law༄


  5. Jhoel Chivata

    Alguien que hable español

  6. David Mckay

    How many times have Liverpool done that!!! Awesome team unique in world football.

  7. Fiona Dublin

    Happiest I’ve ever seen Mo after a goal 🤣🤣❤️

  8. Its Tyler10

    You lot still in 2018

  9. Abrar Faysal

    Makes me cry every time YNWA ❤️

  10. Alabdoussi Hassane

    Electric Salah hhh his new name

  11. Zubair Qureshi

    M salah

  12. Ripley Devaney

    It's tradition to come back here every once and a while to admire the growth of this tremendous leader and club captain. We love you, Jordan!

  13. Big Smoke

    We go again ❤️

  14. Dorcas Acquah

    I’m here again 😄

  15. marsilia :)

    Utter Chaos.

  16. Lumpy

    Klopp using the patented Steven gerrard method of closing your eyes hitting it as hard as you can and hoping for the best

  17. Don Red

    Man, Thaigo is a such a incredible guy, really humble and caring and a huge personality….perfect fit for us at LFC! Love you LFC, forever and always.

  18. Neo Mobango

    thus is a really good squad .. can't wait for all of them to be fit

  19. 윤신

    Musialowski needs friend Kozlowski!!

  20. Sopheap Horm

    Love love ❤️ love 💕 Liverpool

  21. BANU

    i love you salah you my heart❤

  22. So Cool


  23. Beast Incarnate

    4 years❤️❤️❤️❤️

  24. Choon Yung Kong

    The foundation of Klopp’s heavy metal football

  25. Athip Karnplumchit

    no one lfc trainer : THECKNIQUE THECKNIQUE THECKNIQUE!!!

  26. Randy Angel

    11:55 wow that guy on the left has been with us for a long time


    New subscriber 🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍

  28. PranavSajeevan

    just to increase the number of comments


    An Englishman and a Scotsman being friends.

  30. sonofsquirrel33

    6:42 Gini’s most clutch 3-3 equalizer of his Liverpool career ;) good luck in Paris, you will be missed

  31. Marcia Finch

    Wijnaldum gone psg

  32. Roniery Silva

    Virgil is the best 💥

  33. Alex Houghton

    I love Netherlands football team captain, he scored twice again in Euro 2020, I like his talking after be selected as man of match Netherlands vs North Mazedo

  34. Fox Gaming

    I Love Salah very mouch Hes my Best Player in Liverpool Fc

  35. •Salty Animações•

    Nobody: Van Dijk: Brasileras

  36. Normal Guy

    watching this back and just realized how good Dan Moore is,wonder how he doing,still at academy?

  37. Angga Nugraha

    I miss these guys for sure

  38. Savpah Samee


  39. MIND the GAP

    Daniel AGGER 🔥

  40. Farhan fidzz

    Next Summer transfer window we will sign player from the academy 😉

  41. fakrul hakimi

    Hendo: 'High society dad's captain Milly: 'Average dad's captain

  42. Scout Nation

    4 years later coutinho and WIGNALDUM leaves 😞

  43. Poop Monkey

  44. Bruno Dacruz

    He brought me memories I will never forget 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊👍👍👍

  45. steven jones

    Put him in a higher division?? 😂

  46. ant munro

    Amazing as this man is his knee sliding skills are awful😂

  47. Brum

    Why didnt they ask why did you join celtic

  48. sattik chowdhury

    these kids gonna be savage parents

  49. Moises Pimienta

    4:19: Robbo Klopp-onuts Me and my head automatically: ha

  50. Karpenvel

    8:06 that's Hal "titan" from Megamind lol🤣

  51. Max Marples

    did you here the YAAAAAA?

  52. Omar G

    This is a behind the scenes of the new sky sports prem intro😂

  53. Iassai ✓

    70 million well spent.

  54. Just Some Guy

    One of the greatest signings we’ve ever made OUR FUCKING KEEPER MAN



  56. MadLFC DC

    Big Virg...the king of chill.

  57. Icon

    great 4.4 million views but only 60 comments, nice.

  58. Horus

    Up the reds

  59. khadim ndiaye


    1. khadim ndiaye

      @futball edit si

    2. futball edit


  60. Real Raging Reds

    6:01 Virgil is just a character lol

  61. Mnal Mnal

    Van dyke 🤩

  62. 건치발치키드

    What a club

  63. Ojama King

    evryone would wish to have a good friends like him

  64. Mediocre Maps

    As a Arsenal fan, I have mixed feelings about his first prem goal against us, it was a great strike and run but sad to see him rip through our defence

  65. Sam D'Cruz

    Unbeleivable skill crouch had ,everytime I watched him. Not just goals, he was fantastic at receiving the ball, holding the ball and playing people in aswell. Definitely underrated

  66. Shahab Qureshi

    Babajide Rinsola! 🙌

  67. Aibek Azimbek


  68. Andy B Marley's Channel

    What a great surprise for such a great dad who obviously loves his daughter - loads. Love the fact that Thea loves family life so much too that she'd want to arrange this for her dad