30 Liverpool U9s v Coutinho & Wijnaldum | SIX GOAL THRILLER!

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

27 МЛН рет қаралды1

    Philippe Coutinho and Gini Wijnaldum take on a side containing no fewer than 30 of the club’s pre-Academy squad at the same time, including two goalkeepers at once.
    The Reds duo were bolstered by the loan signing of stopper Daniel Moore from the youth side, but how would the senior stars cope with the unusual task of keeping almost three teams’ worth of players at bay?
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    1. Khairil Matin

      i cant stop smiling at how fun the kids are having playing with two liverpool stars

    2. Federico Russo

      Brilliant execution of the 10-9-9 formation, I loved the perfect transition to a 0-0-28 when attacking

    3. Mikhaeel

      "I spent a lot of hours watching Dan Moore, I guess I owe everything I have achieved to him" - Gianluigi Buffon

    4. SJ 24

      Dan Moore: *exists

    5. rahmat sukarno

      The comentator is man of the match. He knew all the player name. Amazing

    6. Luis Rangel

      If Pele was playing he would've counted his goals

    7. Brandon

      I love how the commentator knows all the kids names lol.

    8. Ollie R

      I like how serious the commentator is taking this 😂

    9. Danielle Roberts

      Are we not going to talk about how he memorized all the U9’s names?

    10. Vignotum



      Imagine mustafi and Phil Jones against these kids

    12. Merrill

      Why is no one talking about how the commentator remembered the names of 30 kids

    13. Andyapp

      30 Players and 2 Keepers and we still can't Defend.

    14. Champos Vezas T.V. Χάμπος Βέζας Τηλεόρασή

      It's hard to tell if this is a 9-10-9 formation or a 10-9-9... Football was easier in my times. Too complicated now...i mean with the two goalkeepers and all... I admire the today's coaches

    15. Mateusz Ł.

      Liverpool would had won UCL final if Dan was in the net.

    16. Khal

      Lmfao this goalkeeper is better than Adrian liverpool should sign him

    17. Shani Ace

      Seeing this just reminds me what a great time Coutinho had at LFC, always smiling. Wish Liverpool would just sign him back!

    18. Dynasty

      That little Goalkeeper kid will be world class one day

    19. shiden 93

      we cant even defend from corners against the under 9's 😂😂😂😂😂

    20. Armin Dupovac