AB1 🧤

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

99 М. рет қаралды1

    Жарияланды 24 күн бұрын

    Пікірлер: 85

    1. jagat modi sahi

      Allison our best goalie and our saver at decisive moments ❤🔥🏆💪🤩🥵

    2. Nassir Mohamed

      Wow how important that save was, from getting knocked out to lifting the champions League

    3. Cannonfodder

      Without this save, I feel that the whole klopp revolution wouldn't have happened

    4. Cookie Gaming

      Best Goalkeeper

    5. footy.10

      My Keeper!💥😍😈

    6. Kristoffer Steenbjerg

      Classic Liverpool GK 🧤🧤🧤🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    7. Football skills

      Love that save AB1. Our hero ❤️❤️

    8. Haery

      The save sent the camera. Shows how good he really is

    9. Abri Sam

      This save was our only chance to go knockout stages and at the end we won our 6th UCL, without this save we weren't be able to secure our 6th UCL. Ali is the best goalkeeper😍🔴🔴

    10. SAJAD SE7EN

      peace of mind 🔥

    11. Gorbi Norbit

      Best save in champions league history🔥

    12. Chingiz Mirzabekov

      He's a our legend! 👑

    13. Sushi Pizza

      My keeper. Got us to the final last year by scoring won us the champions league by saving. One if the best keepers in liverpools history

    14. Edrees alqutel

      Perfect. ..hero of 2019

    15. Aliaa khalil

      Amazing save 👏 👌 🙌 ❤

    16. Raiyan Rahman

      Thank goodness we have alisson. Otherwise who knows what would happen with our defenses current form

    17. Krasi Valchev

      Without this save we wouldn't have played in the final of the UCL

    18. Lawrencia Opare-Darkwah

      The best goal keeper in the world..❣❣💕💕

    19. Vaughan

      The save that won the champion league title 2019

    20. Zoqo