All new Liverpool FC Women's Show with Stengel & Humphrey

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

24 М. рет қаралды1

    Katie Stengel & Carla Humphrey star in the first episode alongside regulars Rachel Furness & Rachael Laws.
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    1. Beorn

      Yes !!! The show is back and in what is probably the most exciting season to be a Liverpool fan. I’d love to see a few episodes with both sets of players from the men and women’s first teams together when schedules allow it. We need a song at Anfield about the connoisseur of coffee and goal machine, Katie Stengel lol. Watched every episode last season, love the banter. Just mates sitting around having a laugh and a chat before they play on match day. As fans it’s really cool to see the athletes play but also to get to know them off the pitch too. Thank you admin. 🙌 YNWA

    2. BerishStarr

      I cannot like this enough! I love this show 😭 Up the Reds! ❤

    3. Joluto

      Brilliant stuff ladies! I would love to see the lads do this kind of thing as well

    4. Jasmie Fierra

      Love Liverpool so amazing the best team 🦅 ❤️ YNWA

    5. Jalanin Aja Dulu

      I love this team! Every body knows if i really really love this team so much❤

    6. Jesspa

      Love it!

    7. Jayapura Asmara

      Hai..Saya Pengemar Liverpool FC dari Asia tepatnya indonesia...Salam Sehat dan Sukses selalu bagi Tim ini 😊

    8. Rahmot Khan

      You will never walk alone

    9. Ocious

      Whoever is reading this, i pray that whatever you’re going through gets better and whatever you’re struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen

    10. Brainy Smurf

      could you get subtitles? sound isn't very loud so its hard to understand

    11. lfc_charles

      Hey Liverpool I’m in the hospital right now and watching your games and your videos and shorts and everything Liverpool. I’m supposed to be out by Tuesday and then I ordered a 1990 jersey that will come that day aswell. So thank you Liverpool, thank you.

    12. We are Liverpool

      This show is very interesting, our women most beautiful football players in the world, I wish them they won all trophies, and the Liverpool team it doesn't matter men's or women's team will be legendary forever!

    13. عيودي وايمان

      هقوم ارمي.. نفسي من البلكونه من الفرحه لو جاني .اشعار مشترك.. جديد.

    14. ON SPORTS

      Carla the best one in LIVERPOOL I love her so much

    15. Azeb bahre



      Love how this man has the balls to bench players like Ronaldo and Maguire if they don't suit him but also deciding to play McTominay over Casemiro, who was brilliant today. Ten Hag chooses the team regardless of players' statuses Exactly what United need with soo many big players in that dressing room.🔥❤️

    17. H Duncan


    18. Sâmsam Cabdirahman

      Ilove you all liverpool iam from somalia

    19. MrsKelly

      Hey Liverpool! ♥️

    20. **dumpdumpunk𖨆𖨆#♡