Champions League Training | Napoli vs Liverpool

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    Watch live training from the AXA Training Centre as the Reds undergo training ahead of their visit to face Napoli in the UEFA Champions League.
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    1. Adolph

      Good to see Thiago back. Not expecting him to play tomorrow but just having him back is a lift in itself. I do hope Arthur Melo gets some minutes as well. C'mon you reds!

    2. Cain Silver

      Klopp should definitely use a 4-2-3-1 formation with Firmino playing as a no.10 behind Nunez with Salah and Diaz taking up the flanks and a double midfield pivot of Fabinho and Arthur or Fabinho and Thiago. The team would look unstoppable ❤️❤️❤️

    3. Anirudh Roy

      really looking forward to have Konate back...he's a beast

    4. Дмитрий

      Удачи и побед в Лиге чемпионов!!!

    5. Romario

      We will fight till the end💪. Good to see everybody back in training & speedy recovery to Keita🙏🏻

    6. francis kisembo

      Great 👍 to see Arthur and Alcantara(AA). That's surely going to be a good combo 👍 in the coming days. Good luck team Liverpool 👍

    7. S F

      Great to see Jota back! Much needed help for our currently goal shy front line (against good opposition).

    8. Hala Madrid

      I am really happy to see Thiago back its really important guy for tomorrow match

    9. Jesus maria

      Gracias por dejarnos ver al grupo entrenando saludos y felicidades

    10. Ztsyib

      You can tell how serious nunez looks, you had firmino and Diaz joking around with him and he kept a serious face on, maybe we will get to see him finally reach his potential

    11. Kk Jj

      I would see Arthur Melo on midfield. In my oppinion he could sign to Liverpool in 2018, not to Barca. He could be very good in Klopp system.

    12. Taitea Kopyte

      Klopp and Liverpool has one of the best training regimen in the world. It's up to the boys to play with flair, pace and enthusiasm. Good luck 🤞🏼

    13. Elijah Bwalya Elddin Chisanga

      It’s good to see the lads geared up, I sure do hope Arthur would get some minutes and it would have made sense if Tiago would as well play. Elliot is coming up well so is Fabio and hope Bobby will get back is former glory oh boy was he on fire 🔥. Come on Reds we can do it .

    14. Kk Jj

      Good feeling to see many youngsters.

    15. Mais Elhouni

      Thiago is baaaaack 😭😭❤❤❤❤

    16. Milan Thapa

      We believe in you. The team is brimming with talent, potential and experience, it just needs to be unlocked

    17. Tolo G

      Bobby never stops smiling ever! ❤

    18. Adam Cain

      Just watch Trent. How casual he is in training and going through the motions and tell he's not working hard. Specially in the early clips

    19. citizen_X

      I'm looking forward to seeing what Arthur can bring to this team.

    20. Jayne Ekanem

      Thiago back ?!! Let’s gooooooooo