'CORNER TAKEN QUICKLY... ORIGI' | Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona: Commentator Reactions

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    Watch as LFCTV commentator Steve Hunter and Liverpool Legend John Aldridge go wild in the gantry as they live every moment of the Reds' dramatic victory over Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final at Anfield.
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    1. Liverpool FC

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    2. Tomas Vikse

      “Corner taken quickly” is a special sentence for all of us Liverpool fans

    3. sheluvsie 💫 💔

      Who's here after Wijnaldum's last game.... Absolute legend and I'm buzzing that we have sealed top 4, YNWA 💪

    4. l.sharif7

      Im a barca fan, and this hurts me, but im not a salty barca fan. Liverpool you guys deserved it, well played ;)

    5. Kob

      "Milner's been pushed to the ground"

    6. Haykal Landry Kharysma 🇹🇷

      One of the greatest matches in football history

    7. lamp man

      A statue of Steve Hunter outside Anfield.....what a legend! Seeing this footage of him being so emotional singing YNWA just destroys me every time

    8. HOLY CRAB

      I was quite depressed over the past few weeks. Lost my job and then saw my team lost the away game. I was so down and lazy until last night. What a comeback. This team gave me the motivation to move forward no matter what obstacle lies ahead. Never been this happier and motivated. Thank you Klopp and the rest of the team. ❤️YNWA❤️

    9. SV Lagonda


    10. Suwi

      I'm not a liverpool fan but this brings tears to my eyes. The emotion of the commentators and fans are umbelievable. The most entertaining match in football history. From 3 nil down to 3-4 up is insane. Congradulations to Liverpool. Well deserved

    11. Crazygamer 199

      Imagine if this happened during corona with no fans.

    12. Elias Berg

      Still here in 2021 watching this for the 19th time. I've probably seen the entire game 5 times and it brings as much joy and happiness as the first time. It's been over 2 years and I still can't believe that this miracle actually happened. Wow, just wow😍

    13. Kevin

      Just watching this without looking at the actual action on the pitch....gives me goosebumps every, single, time. The passion they showed in the box... AMAZING!

    14. Paul E Lesperance

      This Guy deserves a raise. He is so passionate about his job...I wish everyone would be that happy 😊 at work.

    15. Wayne

      Still puts a smile on my face up to this day. These two are something else 😂

    16. Peter Green

      THE match of the last decade. Absolutely incredible atmosphere and comeback.

    17. Jenson Rajkumar

      One of the most iconic moments in Liverpool FC history. Corner taken quickly Origi. We'll all remember that statement

    18. Kim Gallagher

      This is pure Liverpool gold, thank you Steve Hunter and John Aldridge.

    19. Alicia lim

      Who's here after Alisson scores the winner in 95th minute to keep us fighting for top four? what a header! what a man... it's the day after and I still can't get the smile off my face 😀

    20. what a plonker rodney

      I'm not a Liverpool fan but when the whole crowd sang ynwa at the end made the hairs on my neck stand up what a brilliant team they are