Curtis Jones wins it against Ajax!

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    Жарияланды 18 күн бұрын

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    1. Kristoffer Steenbjerg

      What a goal from jones vs Ajax we play vs to day

    2. Daniel Nehemiah

      I miss this version of Henderson 😢😢

    3. AB

      I miss Nico after seeing trent this season.

    4. Gyo Pangestu

      Prince Curtis 🤴

    5. Omar

      Mate that’s a cool goal

    6. Anos うちは

      The goalkeeper did not see that coming. What an amazing goal Jones!

    7. VJ25

      Song 2 start playing at the end 😂😂

    8. Tirto Ananda

      UEFA Champions League Flashback Liverpool Vs AJAX Amsterdam Season 2020-21 : Liverpool FC 1-0 AJAX Amsterdam.

    9. Greg G

      Man Neco would’ve been a great RB to keep to put the pressure on Trent, hes kept improving since his loan spells and this season for forest

    10. Steven Waite

      Shame Jones keeps getting injured. We desperately need some new blood in this midfield.

    11. Lewis Ray

      Best from Curtis CMON U REDS

    12. Randy

      Antip Kabupaten Merseyside

    13. bian hock goh

      good passing all the best 12/9/2022/23 😁😁😁❤👍👍👍👍👍

    14. Yasser Alsairafi

      hope to see the real liverpool tomorrow

    15. lcfc  🦊

      When I think of Curtis Jones I immediately think,

    16. Lokman lokman

      Is he going to play tomorow

    17. まらかす

      Neco to curtis ❤❤❤❤

    18. mohameddahir duliye

      Wilames brilliant

    19. Goodhealth Emmanuel

      Yea yea.. And Hendo isn't good enough for some folks🤨

    20. Maxim lucev