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    Presented by Sonus, relive Fabio Carvalho's injury time winner, from all angles inside Anfield, to beat Newcastle United 2-1 in the Premier League.
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    1. Alan Jones

      Pope and Trippier continued to carry out Eddie's tactics even after the goal. Both immediately going down with cramp. That's commitment 👏

    2. TY KOH

      Salah tried his best. 2 assists. And he was jumping like crazy against much taller opponents to get to the pinball.

    3. futuristicPastgirl

      Fabio is so so special, I was excited for him the moment we signed him from Fulham. He has that look about him. Plus, being childhood friends with Elliot, both of them have a chemistry already. For £5million, he’ll be massive, he is massive!

    4. L.F.C For Life

      When he scored the winner, Anfield erupted, just love the cheers from the crowd

    5. soppan96

      The way Salah doesnt give up while Carvalho is trying to position himself 🙏

    6. Dan Ngo

      the sound of the net and then the crowd's roar is just blissful

    7. Mohamed El hassouni

      I think Salah had a big role because he was pressing the players with his jumps

    8. JBC BOXER

      Can’t believe Liverpool won this game I was so happy as a Liverpool fan myself

    9. myspinky


    10. David R

      When Isak scored, I couldn't stop smiling [MUFC fan] but Newcastle did lay it on thick with the time wasting and the 98th minute winner was merited. Firmino's goal was nice too (he made it look easier than it was) and everybody will focus on Carvalho's winner; happy for him. But it is Harvey Elliott that impressed, again, during the whole match. At 19 you have a potential long term star, and I am kinda jealous :)

    11. karl Erasure

      My goodness how Salah tried the two headers was amazing 😊👍💪🏼

    12. Darwinian Chimp

      Losing this game would have set a very different tone for the season but winning it will surely instill belief in the squad which will only get stronger when rest of the players come back from injuries. Fabio is a saviour.

    13. EX4K

      What an absolute Gem him and Elliot will have a great partnership this season I just know it YNWA ❤️

    14. Jonathan Ramos

      What a goal, what a comeback, go Liverpool go reds 🔥

    15. Mohamad Khazal

      Harvey and Fabio have been giving it 100% every time they play.. well done 👍

    16. Matteboy

      An amazing backheel touch from Willock to keep the ball from Pope, but what a hit from Fabio!

    17. SileTa Mus

      Klopp lifting him like a proud dad. Newcastle deserved that heartache for the delaying tactics they were employing


      One to remember for Fabio and the never say die spirit of L.F.C.

    19. James ARTHUR

      The most wonderful goal in so desperate times. Thank you Fabio. Love you. You actually made my night yesterday.

    20. Friends_call_me_dawg

      I am so happy for Fabio. 20 years old, playing for Livepool, scored a winner in stoppage time. He is a brilliant signing.