Fastest to Fifty | Mo Salah's first 50 Premier League goals for Liverpool

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    Mohamed Salah has scored 50 Premier League goals in 69 games for Liverpool - quicker than any other player in the club’s history. Watch his first 50 Premier League strikes for the Reds here!
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    1. AngryBellick

      I'm a United fan, but everytime Salah scores it brings a smile on my face

    2. stenly maurits

      His finishing is so crazy, just pass him a ball and he will convert it to be a goal 😅

    3. anYthinG

      I am a big fan of CR7 but if I see goal scoring Salah's goals were more challenging and skill full. I loved it.

    4. Juan Gonzales

      He is so, so special…just can't stop scoring! Long live the Egyptian king.

    5. Hani

      World class player.

    6. Shahmir Haider

      I love that he acknowleges every player that assists him

    7. Pakistan Zindabad

      He will score more than 150 goals for liverpool, Insha Allah

    8. TheLeadersTeacher

      He brought back "You'll Never Walk Alone" finally after 30 years. What a wonderful, youthful and strong team.

    9. abu hassan

      His first year in Liverpool was incredible , He took up by a stormy performance breaking all records, what an expected talent

    10. Daud Ali

      It's no wonder they are so good. You can see the respect and love all the players have for each other.

    11. Peter Naughton

      Mo Salah, absolutely world class! One of the best players of all time!Quickest ever Liverpool player to 50! By the way, that was an ultimate goal vs Southampton!

    12. clueless

      I have never seen someone have a season as good as this. He was truly untouchable that season.

    13. Sidrah Kauser Syed

      This man is just WORLD CLASS!😍🙏🏼

    14. Bellal Hossain

      I'm not a Liverpool fan but mo Salah is something special that I've never seen before😍

    15. Adnan Alam

      Unmatched calibre, temperament, and talent.. Genius.. A gem of Lvpool

    16. Junior Anthony

      I can never forget Salah's first season at Liverpool.

    17. Nathan Brown

      Mo Salah is world class 50 PL goals in less than 2 seasons winning the golden boot with the most goals in a single season as well as many more assists great link up play and chances created

    18. Vocals Of Locals Official

      Moment at

    19. Sky

      Mo salah is a living legend

    20. Muhammad Ameen

      he perfectly executes every half chance. superb talent.