FIFA 21: Liverpool players react! | Trent & Robbo compete, Chamberlain rants & much more!

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson are tasked with distributing this year's offering from EA Sports, as they hand out copies of the new FIFA game to their teammates, including top-rated defender Virgil van Dijk, Alisson Becker and more.
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    1. Ahmad Adiwijaya

      Love how the defenders positioned themselves on camera just like their original positions on the pitch.

    2. masterslasher

      I love Robbo's personality here, he seems very cheerful and easily could be your bestfriend, I'm not idolizing the wrong player.

    3. Karuga Sir. George

      "My defending is the Same as you and you're a defender" the shade 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    4. poeticquilt

      Really hard to watch this again and listen to Virgil's stats, knowing what happens to him during the Everton match. Hopefully he will recover well.

    5. Dean Williams

      Ox: I'm the lowest rated man in this building

    6. Ryan Ng

      “My defending is the same as you and you are a defender”

    7. Brendan Stringer

      "You're actually verging on becoming a silver." Legend, Robbo

    8. Alexia Koryfidou

      Trent: Passing 84. Very Good.

    9. Aryaan Basu

      Do you know why Trent and Robbo were tasked with giving out the cards?

    10. Mesoma Maduka

      It's Trent's laughter for me 😂😂

    11. NO TOTHE

      Jotas rating is going to go through the roof fifa 22.

    12. Still&WillBelieve

      Robbo is the kind of friend who will make jokes about you all the time but when someone is messing with you he will mess them up thrice as bad,....

    13. Robert Schrader

      Robbo to Ox: “You’re actually on the verge of becoming a silver card...” 🤣🤣🤣

    14. Tom Clarke

      Ox’s rating is so disrespectful! He is a quality player!!

    15. LalaDoritto

      Fun fact Jota is best fifa player

    16. Kyle Melchior

      I loved Henderson's reaction when Robbo told him he had a better long shot than Trent.

    17. RCK 98

      Robbo is an absolute character and always full of life

    18. Nick

      "My FIFA rating should be 97 at least"

    19. JV82

      Chambo's pace rating is an absolute joke. Even with the injuries he's had, he remains dead fast.

    20. Apples Oranges

      Absolute Gold content 🌟...cannot get enuf of Robbo n Trents friendship chemistry n pranks that so easily transfers to the pitch with almost those telepathic long range switch field passes from right to left from Trent to Robbo without even looking up 😯...Plz do upload more such jewel content more often 💎 much luv n support from India as usual ♥️🙏 ..