FIFA 22 Reactions: 'You've been downgraded?' | Van Dijk & Robertson hand out VIP FIFA packs

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    Watch as Liverpool's stars receive their VIP copies of FIFA 22 from EA Sports, courtesy of Virgil van Dijk and Andy Robertson who shared the duty of dishing them out and checking some of their ratings.
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    1. Nik Hakim

      Virgil: "joel matip..what a guy..what a legend"


      Honestly when Robertson retires, he’ll be chairman of Liverpool’s media and marketing for sure! Man of many talents 😂😂

    3. Bazza

      Curtis saying "I'll have me game though" shows what a down to earth guy he is. Never say no to a free game!

    4. Moses Karunia

      Matip looks so done with Virgil's jokes lol.

    5. Angga

      The fact that Virgil accepts his downgrade but disappointed with Matip's stats warm my heart and crack me up at the same time.

    6. itsTroygirl

      VVD about Matip: "How underrated he is, is a crime." Big Virg speaking the truth.

    7. mad576

      is it just me or is Mane always on the physio table when they show him his ratings 😂

    8. nieooj gotoy

      Virgil and Robs reaction to Jones being a silver was hilarious😂 I wouldn’t be able to hold in my laugh😂

    9. BraceDeville

      There should be a podcast where Virgil only talks about Joel.

    10. Cassie

      Virgil and Robs reaction to Jones being a silver was hilarious I wouldn’t be able to hold in my laugh

    11. SuchSpeed

      Virgil talking about Matip is hilarious

    12. tallymedic

      Virg on Matips dribbling 😂😂😂 “he’s going on an adventure” ffs

    13. Anonymously Anonymous

      This is like the 2 smart kids going around sharing exam results 😂

    14. Johnny Morales

      Hendo’s reaction is a perfect representation of how all us fifa players feel but yet we continue to buy the game 😂💀

    15. Enock Mwewa

      The man, the myth, the legend.

    16. Kieron Jones

      Favourite part is Alisson pretending to completely understand what Robbo’s saying to him

    17. Wani-Zame

      I love how Matip is the guy everyone loves but constantly rips on.

    18. wasiimd

      This team is so jokes, I love them. They're proper brothers-in-arms, like a big family; live together fight together win together. YNWA