FIRST LOOK! Liverpool FC 2022-23 Third Kit

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    1. Gift Sadique

      Last season we came from behind and we almost won the league n UCL, as a Liverpool fan you mustn't give up now. We support this team to the end. YNWA🔴

    2. The Confounded Magister

      What a marvelous showcase. Those fan banners tells a lot of our story till this day. I hope the players can reflect our heart via the banners and kickstart again! YNWA

    3. roro

      kit looks clean, hopefully we improve and still go for the league

    4. the kop

      Wow absolute bonkers. The production looks way cool , and superb. LFC social media team always killing it...

    5. Эдуард Динатулин

      Легендарный клуб, навсегда в моем сердце ❤

    6. Sean Clark

      What a beautiful reveal trailer! Made me emotional and felt like it had a lot of weight to it. The kit looks amazing.

    7. Layth Barzangi

      Nike really came through with the kits this season. Home kit is clean, straighforward red with no unnecessary decorations. Second "Hypnosis" kit is growing on me, although I still think black shorts would've worked better. This one looks nice, but I'll reserve judgement until I see it in proper daylight. 😄🌞

    8. Kwasi Nimako

      I'm proud to still be a Liverpool supporter since age 11, I'm 25 now ❤️

    9. Kai Kemm

      This Kit is amazing love the green love the kit Liverpool

    10. trentcentral97

      Looks like an absolutely great kit love it liverpool!!

    11. Justin Freeman

      I love the third shirt and I cant wait to buy it. Hopefully we can start to put a decent run of form together!

    12. Snipez

      I love this team. Forever, through and through. We will never give up!

    13. 𝙎𝙖𝙜𝙚 𝙎𝙞𝙧

      Fantastic showcase! So much history and colour!

    14. Sergio Torres

      My grandfather ( R.I.P) was so happy seeing our liverpool wining the champions league and he used to told me that no matter how our team was passing through we will be always supporting them until the end !!!!! And that's what he did !!!!!

    15. Maibu Ebrahim

      Goosebumps, fantastic video and song, hardly paid attention to the kit until the last shot it was that good 👍🏼

    16. Renato Mendes De Souza

      Muito linda essa camisa dos reds amo muito esse time!!vamos vencer a premier league esse ano!!vai Liverpool

    17. Trung Dung Dang

      This Liverpool kit looks so beautiful and amazing. I can't wait to see the Liverpool players wearing it at games this season. Hopefully, when the players wear this shirt, they will have a good and successful match . Come on The Reds YNWA ❤️👊!!!

    18. Mwansa Mundea

      Beautiful kit, beautiful song, beautiful video, beautiful people, beautiful Club. I will play for liverpool one day

    19. Nguyen Trung Kien


    20. Boo5vsLuigi7

      What a stunning kit, really put the effort in the home, away and this kit! What a mind blowing start to the season to, I don’t see us winning against Arsenal on 9th of October.