Gerrard back at Melwood with Klopp, Carol & Caroline | THIS IS MELWOOD - Presented by BetVictor

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    In this exclusive feature presented by BetVictor, Steven Gerrard returns to Melwood to meet some of the club's biggest personalities and venture into the inner workings of the club's famous training ground.
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    1. Learn-2-Earn

      Stevie G can walk in any place on this planet with his head held high coz he knows that he gave his all for the only club and people he loved without caring bout materialistic things like medals or trophies ..very few can say this ...a great player who played for his heart and not for things

    2. Birk Enhager

      As a Man U fan I kind of miss Gerrard, he was the last one that really showed passion in our derby.

    3. Rob Ch.

      what a beautiful thing to watch, is very beautiful how the club is a family. this little things is what make our club bigger.

    4. Jonathan Bolger

      When he says the nice things about the kitchen staff, it genuinely feels true and heartfelt. Top bloke

    5. Per Spellman

      Steven Gerrard and Jürgen Klopp - totally without arrogance. Can't say that about everyone.

    6. Declan Cairns

      Three years later this man has won the league at the club I love, thanks for sending him over lads

    7. Colman Buckley

      I think Stevie is the only person we'd all like to see take the reigns when Jurgens time is up.

    8. Kid Leroy

      People from Liverpool are so humble, I want to live there one day.

    9. Rashid Khalid

      Gerrard is like the Totti of roma

    10. Abisade Adedipe

      Sturridge gave carol and Caroline a big shoutout on his goodbye message 😂🙌🏾💯

    11. Andres Garcia

      I feel bad for Gerrard, because he didn’t really play for an elite Liverpool squad when he was in his prime. He only played with decent sides with another 2 or 3 big names. If he played in this team while he was in his prime, he could probably win the Prem

    12. Jamal Choudhury

      What a legend of a player Stevie G was, a top top professional and now he's transfering that work ethic & drive into his management career. Every LFC will forever be indebted to Gerrard for literally singlehandedly carrying Liverpool for many years through some tough times and kept us in the top 6 clubs. We're all awaiting the return of the footballing Messiah to Anfield as Manager...⚽👑💯

    13. Alf Ramsey's Porn Dungeon

      Thank you to all the staff past and present behind the scenes for being so important and doing such a great job every single day. You are treasured and always will be. YNWA.

    14. John Ferguson

      As a Liverpool fan, the thing that makes me the proudest of the club aside from any success on the pitch is the culture within the club itself. Humility and respect are at the core of LFC and that shines through at Melwood. In Jurgen Klopp, we have a manager who fits into that culture perfectly. I wish Steve G a successful time as manager of Aston Villa - after all, I think we all know what it may well be a stepping stone towards!

    15. C4 M%

      being a rangers fan watching this and having steven lead us we are proud to have him and support him regardless how it plays out for us as he’s a winner and honest lad which we appreciate,in the near future he’ll be home leading his beloved club from the dugout until then he’s in good hands 🇬🇧 🐻

    16. Dino Velić

      Caroline and Carol are like grandmas to footballers they are like eat that Banana Bobby dont make me come there

    17. Christor

      We need more videos like this from Liverpool. So positive to see.

    18. Tony.k

      As a Burnley fan I still miss Stevie G. Not only as a brilliant world class player , but one hell of a nice guy..Even Evertonians respected him..He stayed true to his beloved Liverpool. as a very young boy on the terraces at Anfield..Respect Burnley Fan.

    19. Ben Whitmore

      Imagine klopp managing Gerrard, feels like heaven

    20. DA !

      As a United fan seeing this makes me pleased that Liverpool still has what alot of football lack nowadays