'He's the centre-back, he cut the cord' | Jota & Gomez on LFC and Joie Baby gift initiative

Liverpool FC

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    Reds stars Joe Gomez and Diogo Jota speak to Sharon, from Liverpool Women's Hospital about being new parents, and the Liverpool FC initiative with Joie Baby to give each new-born child a gift throughout the month of June.

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    1. David W

      covids fault bahahahah

    2. Tobias M.

    3. ابو جيري

      Mo salah is the best player in the league English history

    4. محمد المري

      I love you

    5. Lethal - strike

      Gomez is TRASH and OVERRATED!!! I like jota

    6. fyfer

      Jota is hilarious to watch. Amazing personality

    7. Anna Roberts

      Joey's lovely smiling face, can't wait to have him back on the pitch

    8. mateu lahoz

      Jota fans

    9. Lee H

      The Title says Joe Gomez and Diogo Jota but clearly that's Joel Matip and Sadio Mane.


      Top Players bring on 2021 - 2022 season

    11. Kaled Kalerd

      Mo salah

    12. Kaled Kalerd

      I LOVE YOU liferpool

    13. Jackass619100

      Just another reason as to why I love this club! The community!

    14. joshua o7

      Imagine being an Everton fan having kids there😭☠️

      1. rhys burns

        😂 😭

    15. Ivrish con-Abarth

      Everton will be so mad! :) Edit. Jota speaks better English than Robbo!

    16. FK-S1LKZ

      Is Joe back from injury?

    17. Finsabu

      Stole bennos kid

    18. Evan Critchley

      My Mrs is a midwife at the Women's hospital in Liverpool so proud of her everyday. We had our baby there this year too ❤ x

    19. Harikrishnan Kartha

      Konate first day at lfc ??

    20. Tommy V Jones

      The idea of every new baby getting a LFC beanie is hilarious to me. Just imaging every baby at the hospital in London getting an Arsenal beanie

    21. ramin jabbari


    22. Redfifa #4

      Midwife?????? I’m assuming that it means nurse.

      1. Redfifa #4

        @PhotoGalaxy Ok I was gonna say

      2. PhotoGalaxy

        Haha yes it is 😆

    23. Robert Blower

      Sell the hats and use proceeds to raise money, or sell the hats anyway my baby is due 04/07 and now I want one of those

    24. Renan Viana

      Congratulations Liverpool Won a Supporter and a Brazilian Supporter🇧🇷🇧🇷

    25. ก๋อง ดอนวัด


    26. Matthew du Sart


    27. Mali Palane

      Wow imagine jota's kid watching this video and hearing his own Dad saying it's Covid's fault 😂😂😂😭

      1. Blake Timmins

        @Finsabu stfu

      2. Finsabu

        the dad is Ryan Bennett

    28. HOOMAN sharaf

      خیلی سکسیه

      1. HOOMAN sharaf

        شماره میدی؟



    30. Jojo

      Is it just me that didn't know Joe Gomez was a Father

    31. choi지혁

      한국어 없음? 한국어 언제 나옴?

    32. Farhan Mubashir

      It was covid's fault 😂😂

      1. Indrajeet Nandy


    33. عبد الحميد احمد كمال

      Is it true that mo salah is went to PSG

    34. Aaron T

      come back strong joe

    35. Zoqo


    36. Omer Hayat

      Jota speaking like CR7 jr 😂

    37. Ethan's Animal World

      OOOH, all the baby was cute!!! Thanks for all the hardwork, frontliners!!!

    38. Joe Jackson


    39. Alexander Vandvik

      Is gomez retering

    40. Don Rebel

      i know and worked with Joe's cousin in london.....i hope he gets back and is free of injuries and improves his performances and be the defender we all want to see ...

    41. Paul Anthony - MusicHaven

      Jota speaks English way more fluently than Harry kane.

      1. XxrawahixX24


    42. wordsinahandle

      I love the midwife. She just exudes happiness

    43. GamingBorg

      Fun fact - Joe and Diogo filmed this in a hospital 😂 Jk btw

    44. Nhn

      How is Jota's English SO GOOD?

    45. Jay

      Amazing hospital with amazing staff. My son was born at "The Women's" and we couldn't have asked for more, they are so supportive and deserve this exposure.

    46. Amir Mohammad


    47. Don't Care Really

      Brilliant stuff ☮️

    48. K S I FF

      It was Covid's fault😂😂😂

    49. Miguel Friquin

      Does mbappe will come to the reds


      i love you 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    51. Sudi Osman

      It was COVID’s fault🤣😂

    52. Barakaath Ahmed

      More than a club❤️

    53. 빠울라

      the 7 who have disliked this is because they expected Diogo to say yes he cried

    54. Huncho Irving

      Liverpool Football Club - A Family

    55. nick j

      Two smashing lads

    56. natasha begley

      Gomez good man terrible defender!

      1. sherwood991

        Natasha, if that is true, how does your statement help him?

      2. darganx

        Rubbish! If not to the injuries he's one of the best around.

    57. alan C

      Best day of your life holding you child ! And you only understand when you experience it . YNWA

    58. Hadi Aslani


    59. mohamad shahrul

      Ox next 😂

    60. nightmareinblue

      Kids are overrated, let's not pretend

      1. nightmareinblue

        @Gary Galt also on that, kids will always remind of the failures in my life, of what I couldn't achieve. I don't want to be jealous of my own children, cause they have better opportunities in life, and i don't want to purposefully make them miserable either. So for self-destructive types like me it's better to have no kids at all.

      2. nightmareinblue

        @Gary Galt idk, I'm not that scared of dying alone, so don't really need kids to help me. With or without then I will inescapably die. And I don't support this insatiable need of every living species for recreation. It never leads to any good, especially when it comes to humans. But you do you, if kids make you happy, then it's none of my business.

      3. Gary Galt

        When you finally grow up. You will feel so foolish with that statement. To watch your child grow to their full potential with your help will fill you with love and pride. Forever To hold your child as they die. Is the lowest you will ever be. 96 YNWA.

    61. WinterwolfX

      Joe "The Cord Cutter" Gomez

    62. bergstrom oliver


    63. Leo Kang

      As a registered nurse + LFC fan, its great to see something like this gets uploaded :)

      1. Jorge Gutiérrez

        Ranking the best for me: Uruguay 20 cups vs europeans since the 20s, Nacional de Montevideo 30 cups vs europeans,Millonarios FC 9 cups vs europeans, Brazil 5,FC Barcelona 15 cups vs South Americans, Real Madrid 9

    64. dheeraj Rao

      Joeeeeeeee and jotaaaaaaa

    65. Rain KL11

      When Joe and VVD come back we are going to win the prem 🔥

    66. Suleiman yare tik toks

      Please share for me

    67. Moohamed Nashat

      Gomez 😭🔥❤

    68. Aye Chan Phyu

      It is pleasant

    69. Seth gaming And football

      YNWA ❤️❤️

    70. XÉRXÉS III

      YNWA 🏆💪💯

    71. Nik Hakim

      Joe's knee😳

    72. Benjy

      Diogo “No i don’t cry, sorry” We will see about that when you win us the champions league.

      1. Dante Satriatama

        in 21/22 season, with the prems league also

      2. Kelsier

        right on!

      3. Jorge Gutiérrez

        Ranking the best for me: Uruguay 20 cups vs europeans since 1922, Nacional de Montevideo 30 cups vs europeans,Millonarios FC 9 cups vs europeans, Brazil 5,FC Barcelona 15 cups vs South Americans, Real Madrid 9

      4. Radius DM


      5. Dakku


    73. Irfan Noh

      Voice of jota like ronaldo 💪🔥

      1. rhys burns

        Both Portuguese accent

    74. Ridhwaan Koya

      0 dislikes. Just the way it should be.

      1. Muhd Syakiib

        Not anymore unfortunately

    75. AbDuLLaH

      Why Does Jota Sound Like Ronaldo😂😂

      1. AbDuLLaH

        @Adam Malik 😂😂

      2. Adam Malik

        @AbDuLLaH 😂🤣🤣🤣 BRUNO 🐸🐸🐸

      3. AbDuLLaH

        @Stev4e897 but he is not the same person so why does Bruno Penandes sound like Kermit

      4. Stev4e897

        Because he Is also from Portugal lol

    76. Putri Misteri


    77. fartun sharif

      On this day a life time 'RED' born. Don't look around it's me. Any birthday wishes guys!

      1. Fowzia Adan

        Liverpool Fan wan ku salamay lam also liverpool fan

    78. Layth Barzangi

      Well that's a smart way to make sure newborn babies don't end up as Everton fans. 😂

      1. Matthew Williams

        @El Descarriado I was born into an Everton family but I still support liverpool 😂

      2. Crinkie De Ronsic

        @Radboudt L 💀🤣

      3. M Govella

        Brilliant idea from The Reds.

      4. Iyanu Alabi

        King's moves

      5. mantab sekali

        @Radboudt L Cringe 😂

    79. Maryam Kazi

      Congratulations to both of you ❤

    80. B0as_tv

      No injuries next season, thank you

    81. A person

      Is it just me or does jota sound like cr7

      1. A person

        @Layth Barzangi true

      2. darganx

        He's taking his place in the national team as well!

      3. Layth Barzangi

        Well, they're both Portuguese. So there's that...

    82. Quân Nguyễn Đăng

      Joe Gomez or Konate

      1. YoRambo

        Joe , konate has yet to prove himself

      2. Rav D

        With the luck we had last season.....there's no favourites. YNWA

    83. Quân Nguyễn Đăng

      is there Salah in the video?

    84. John Odande

      So Gomez's chant could be similar to VVD's but the words changed to "He's the center back, He cuts the cord". Brilliant

      1. Zafilio


      2. Talhah Hisham

        “watch him defend, cause we won’t watch him score” lol

      3. abdikarin ali hashi


      4. Aadeeshvar Singh

        @Nuwanda Koh lol awesome

      5. Muhammad Ikhsan Fathurrahman

        @Nuwanda Koh brilliant

    85. Hiếu Sports

      Hope you all watch the video and comment from everyone✔✅

    86. O

      diogos eng is really good

    87. hamada_011

      First view and like

    88. Seham Albakar

      Early gang WYA 😏😏

    89. Nurul Nabila Aziz

      Actually I wonder how Jota spend his time with the family; baby and wife and also with fifa 😂 how on earth he had so many time to play fifa. It would be funny if Robbo join this meet too. He had all the experience isn't he 😂

      1. D C

        He trains for 2 hours a day and has 22 hours spare hardly a busy man

      2. zaik irfak

        he must hired a nanny for sure hahaha

    90. Keith Treadwell

      Joes kid is a scouser. Watch this space.

    91. antube

      Can't wait for next season Red's YNWA ❤️

    92. Sulaiman Munayes

      I bout 50 of your jersey jota love your preformence


      I didn’t even know joe had a kid lol

      1. S. M.


      2. Nithin Vp

        Don't worry, you will make great friends with gomez's grandson when he makes his Liverpool debut, when of course you will be the captain of Liverpool

      3. Mr Stocbroc


      4. Rain KL11


      5. Jamie LFC


    94. Sakina Hussain

      Can’t wait for next season

    95. Izzat Jagat

      when to create content about ibrahima konate??❤️❤️

    96. Zak Childs

      This is funny

    97. maria messaadi


    98. Diogoal Jota

      I just love jota's personality, next season he would bang 20 goals for sure

      1. Paul Anthony - MusicHaven

        He will do that no prob, 19 goals this season for club and country in all comps, not bad considering how long DJ was out.

      2. Muhammad Rizal


    99. Marinko Andric

      Helo LFC today is my birthday and you're my favourite club 🙂😃😀

      1. Rain KL11


      2. Arsh _10

        I guess happy birthday then

      3. Daniel Jones


    100. Ayaz Binici


      1. Hanif Folami

        I would love that

      2. Naoemie Raya

        Why ?