'Here's to you, Jordan Henderson' | A father's pride in the Liverpool captain

Liverpool FC

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    Watch as Jordan Henderson's father Brian, pays tribute to his son, to commemorate the Liverpool FC captain's 10 years at Anfield, including his early days in Sunderland, the move to the Reds, and success in Madrid.

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    1. Bilal Ahmed Shariff


    2. Dean Starkey

      Delighted we have Jordan at our club. Such a principled man demonstrating what it is to be a leader... on and off the field. He stepped up to the mark and proved worthy of the shirt. Your time here is noted and much appreciated!!!

    3. lgarcia67

      Amazing, happy Father’s Day! Here is to Jordan Henderson’s dad and all the dads in the world who are behind their kids every step of the way.

    4. Goneeupdwwu

      Our Captain ❤️ YNWA

    5. Destroyer7117

      The song used is The Cinematic Orchestra - To Build A Home. You're welcome, YNWA 😎

    6. Raeyn Rezqi

      This made me tear up, what an inspiration Hendo is ❤️

    7. hb b

      What a Beautiful Dad and What an amazing Son

    8. imad murad

      Come on now! This is not what I expected! Hendo, you are a top guy. Making your dad this proud is your biggest achievment.

    9. Fredie Friday

      I’m a Liverpool fan now on coz I’ll never walk alone ever again

    10. සංචික ගුරුතුමා

      Thank you sir for giving us a fantastic captain. Thank you again. YNWA. ❤❤

    11. Ara Sniper


    12. Stephen Lynch

      God damn nearly brought me to tears hendo is one of the greatest captains in the history of this amazing club perfect heir to Steven Gerrard

    13. Ivor Nevin

      No better man on the planet to have taken over after Stevie G how blessed we were

    14. William AC

      Brought a tear to my eye this video. Never thought hendo would turn out to be the player he is today and he deserves utmost respect for that. We need to win more titles till he's around cuz I hope he can return to Sunderland some time in the future and help them with their promotion to the top flight.

    15. EpiicDutchman

      My captain, our captain!! Liverpool through and through!! What a man!! What a father!!

    16. ابو جيري

      Mo salah is the best player in the league English history

    17. Luthfi Saifur Rohman

      What the heck this Feelings, I wasn't expecting it..

    18. Fábio Fussball

      Henderson deserves the glory. I love how he is intense on the pitch. Dynamic player, great captain

    19. 민메

      captain oh my captain

    20. Paul Muwadeeb

      Love the lad. He's one of us, forever.

    21. Kane Patrick Hobson

      As a makem, he's a Legend 😁😁😁

    22. Joe Jackson

      Thank You for bringing integrity to the role of Ambassador to the NHS, itsmuch appreciated 🤝 👏👏👏

    23. Alfred Bubandt

      I cried this video.. All the nice words and then to what happened to Eriksen(THANK GOD HE IS FEELING ALRIGHT) God bless you all

    24. The YNWA

      God knows how proud and grateful we are to have a fantastic Captain and an amazing person like Jordan Henderson to lead our team.

    25. The Dark Knight Racist

      I'm not a liverpool fan, but Jordan is one of my favorite midfielder, he's such a classic english football midfield, strong, fast, not afraid of contact or gets his knees dirty, he shoot cannon ball, and amazing crosses, a great successor of Lampard and Gerrard.

    26. CJ 1120

      My Captain🥲❤️

    27. Vincent V

      Emotions of the greatest levels on this here

    28. Mpire57

      Legend says his running style was rented free in Sir Alex head.. Never writes us off.. YNWA.. 🔴❤️

    29. boy boy

      Sir Jordan Henderson.

    30. Liverpool 4 Ever

      Our Captain , our leader, our pride

    31. Badri

      Go on Captain lead us to more glory next season on. We Go Again.

    32. Josh G

      And this is why condoms can be bad...

    33. Bilaa Syaaf


    34. Anil Jayakumar

      Hendo👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼ynwa 🙌🏽

    35. Nathan Walker

      As someone who also lost their mom, Hendo I love and respect you even more. You are my captain for life❤️

    36. British Souvenirs


    37. Wen Tziang Ng

      My Captain

    38. Sigiman

      to hendog became hengod

    39. eyza adventure


    40. Manhaj Robbeni

      Great player and great dad

    41. pong thekop

      ❤❤❤Captain Hendorson ❤❤❤ Liverpool FC.. ... YNWA From thailand....

    42. tshepang gm

      Okay now I’m all emotional

    43. Sirwaich Ali

      Bet Lallana cried and called Hendo right after watching this

    44. Krishnendu Roy

      Best skipper to ever grace the prem

    45. Brandon Harker

      Brian Henderson seems like a lovely, humble, honest bloke, no wonder his son is made of the same stuff.

    46. Samuel Brown oduro

      A true hero, jordan

    47. Sunny Gogoi

      When Henderson arrived...I knew he wud b Liverpool's future captain...and his surname is damn English...so he was destined for it.

    48. y1521t21b5

      _Captain of Captains!_ YNWA

    49. Oofed Ossi

      I feel bad for the people who never seen Gerrard play live But, You can officially be proud to say that you saw Henderson play live, the most disrespected captain in english football

    50. Sushan Raj Khadka

      Lots of Love from Nepal🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵 Hendo...You are truly a great Midfielder,Great Son and a Motivational Captain..You are the Pride of Liverpool❤❤❤

    51. anfeild8

      I like the traditional way Liverpool let there captain have his moment lifting the trophy it was like the highlander when he takes all the power from the other person just gives you goosebumps

    52. Wartono Alamshah

      Soundtrack please?

    53. Wartono Alamshah


    54. sophie M

      Let’s all appreciate his mum and dad for creating our skip 😂🙏

    55. Rohit Sharma

      Bought his parents a car after winning a pro contract. Played like a champion when his dad was in the hospital. Top man. A leader of men.

    56. renzolo87

      He has turn himself into a much better player than he was before, and a great captain for sure! BUT .. Stevie G is Stevie G. CAPTAIN OF CAPTAINS

    57. Ankush Rathour

      Love you Hendo

    58. Ken Baba

      A great football player and a great human being.

    59. Jack Nelson

      Let’s see what Roy Keane has to say about this time ay Roy uve gone soft having a go at players on social media these days but not in front of their faces ay Jordan Henderson deserves so much more respect he’s the most underrated player in history of football he clearly hasn’t gotten the credit and respect that he deserves

    60. Adfairy

      What a backsong?

    61. Rainbow Killer


    62. Aniruddha Bhattacharya

      My captain ❤️

    63. Gregg Flournoy

      Love this fantastic. God i love being a Red. YNWA

    64. Leon Andrews


    65. Тилек Дербишов

      YNWA Reds

    66. Тилек Дербишов

      Skipper Reds ...

    67. Woodwood Productions

      Truly Amazing Video, He has raised a unbelievable human being!

    68. Ronaldo Richards

      What is the song name?

    69. roconnor01


    70. Wartono Alamshah

      Song is??

    71. Ivan Bartimeus

      Hope Jordan end his career with Liverpool,i dont want him to end up Like Gerrard,Being thrown away to Galaxy by Rodgers or whoever responsible toward that,YNWA Captain

    72. Ikke Rahmadhani

      Gg terharu bnget :( Gtau artinyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa😭😭😭😭

    73. Martin Malchev

      The best captain in the world

    74. The Kop

      You are super captain Henderson and you will forever be a legend , I love you from the fans of Thailand , YNWA 😍

    75. Zain Rayza

      LIVERPOOL LEGEND!!! That's my captain, JORDAN HENDERSON!

    76. 유튜브키지마

      True Legend

    77. Red lady

      He has always been under estimated by many Liverpool supporters. A true gentleman that has always given his all. Disgraceful that the numpty Southgate replaced him as England captain with the wishy-washy Kane. However watch England games and he seems to take command on the field and not Saint Harry.

    78. Matthew du Sart


    79. -ATIT_ 1988

      l Love HD14

    80. Tamding Tamding

      Reason why England wouldn't win any cup is because they wanna captain someone who s good at playing but not influence in team.. England should have captain Henderson Instead of Kane.. Henderson has leadership

    81. Muhammad Deeffana Putra


    82. S M

      What song is this??❤

    83. general relativity

      To Jordan’s dad: Thank you for raising him well.

    84. sohan dey

      Couldn't hold my tears...Love you Hendo❤️

    85. Rafedi Pramadicka


    86. Muhammad Azmi Sudrajat

      my captain!!

    87. Mathew Frangoul


    88. A Az

      Captain of Captains, Big brother figure. Thanks Hendo.

    89. Matt

      He had huge boots to fill after Gerrard left and what an absolute hero he's become. We love you Jordan!

    90. Салимов Шохрух

      Henderson legenda👍👍👍👍

    91. King Cew

      My Skippo❤️👑

    92. โออาร์เอ็น 045

      Our Captain❤

    93. Mr P


    94. Peepeee Popo

      Never thought I would cry over a video

    95. Inatsikap

      Top Top Guy - So proud that he is our Captain! With Stevie G. He had some pretty big shoes to fill which he new he would not be able to, so what did he do, he brought his own magnificent ones, Maybe not as good as SG's but every bit inspirational. Our Captain our Pride Jordan Henderson Captain of Liverpool football club - YNWA!

    96. Jon Betteridge

      i absolutely love him and love my club, to be a Liverpool fan does mean more!! Y.N.W.A

    97. James Ashton

      Thank you Jordan.

    98. Boakye Okyere Christian

      Captain Fantastic

    99. Cameron Remes

      What a guy, what a captain

    100. nikosp

      I'm not crying... You are