HIGHLIGHTS: Everton 0-0 Liverpool | Action-packed derby ends goalless at Goodison

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    Watch key highlights from the Reds' Merseyside derby tie with Everton at Goodison Park in the Premier League, as saves from Jordan Pickford, Alisson Becker and the woodwork ensured it ended all square.
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    1. Sasha

      This match felt more like Alison vs Pickford great goalkeeping seen here and I feel like Liverpool has some really new fans are so unfamiliar with struggles and literally panic in such moments .If you walked with Liverpool before Jurgen then you deeply understand frustration and the highs and lows that come with supporting Liverpool.it’s not a bed of roses,it’s emotional,it’s togetherness thru good and bad.The Liverpool song isn't just a song this are times we need to reflect on the lyrics.Hope to bounce back.Walk on Lads! YNWA.

    2. Yulia Dewi

      Pickford and Alison played great, showing off their skills in this derby, deserved to get the best players, but there is something strange about this derby, what's with the goalposts that seem to come into play too.

    3. Pushpender Gusain

      A wonderful game played with passion and intensity by both the teams. It was entertaining and thrilling till the last moment. Pickford and Alison were exceptional and can be considered heroes of the match.

    4. Agga Wiguna

      pickford Worked very well in this match even though there were a lot of shots on target but he was able to parry and catch them. Hero Of The Match

    5. Philip Harris

      One of the best and clean Derby's i've seen


      Best performance played by everton in this season🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️

    7. Esmat Nalshik

      In addition to a very capable manager, LFC recent successes were due to a formidable frontline, a brilliant goalkeeper and good midfield and defence. Alisson is obviously still as great as ever. However, although midfield and defence might not be exactly as good as before, the most notable decline this season is in the form of our current frontline.

    8. J

      Tactically we're just bad,: wasteful passing, going very wide, concentrating mostly on the right side where Salah barely gets the ball, Diaz keeps going inside to the right or backwards, no chemistry still between the forwards unless Firmino gets involved, no chemistry between the midfield and the fullbacks! And we start pressing when it's always too late, and it's always a gamble... Sigh... I think we're lucky if we make it to the top four this season!

    9. Troysham Yap

      Diaz and Firmino was fire! Firmino has to start in this game, he was on form for the last few games,. I am still unsure about Jota and Salah needs to be Salah again. Pickford was great in this match. It was a great and entertaining game nevertheless.

    10. hassam saqib lodhi

      Improved performance by Everton, as they earned a point against giants. Goalkeepers were phenomenal with their performance.

    11. MrRiceball Caws

      Finishing could be better but Pickford did very well staying concentrated, giving the difficult fixtures this month it's going to be very demanding.

    12. Jerry Liang

      Intensity especially in midfields drops noticeably in this season. Ages are taking its tolls and injuries takes its part. It needs refresh of new blood definitely. This season would happen though. The only hope to salvage this season is to have squad back from injuries. With the current squad it still has the qualities to challenge all fronts.

    13. dosheeem


    14. Soccer F.C

      The Keepers Of Both Sides Were Exceptional


      What a match! Thrilling, Exciting

    16. aa aaf

      There is an absolute lack of cooperation from the offensive line, especially Luis Diaz, in every ball that comes to him, whether he is in a good position or not There is a non-cooperative competition, but rather an intense individual competition to show who is the best Jurgen Klopp must intervene firmly and bring the team back to balance, tactically and collectively, immediately and very quickly.

    17. korkor korko

      One of the best derbys in the league (Spurs fan)

    18. MANACE

      When you see Liverpool struggle this season, it all makes sense why Real Madrid won the Champions league last season

    19. Hefipale Burp

      Great game. Both teams showing intensity as derbies should be. Mo too wide to the right. I insist he should be more in the ball. Firminho deserves to be starting line up. When back on track the team may consider Darwin. We need experience and underatanding in such difficult times. LFC YNWA.

    20. Lam Rong Peng

      This is the 4th time in 6 seasons (and 5th in 9) that the Merseyside Derby at Goodison Park has ended goalless. We need to pick up the pace and start winning otherwise we fall further behind Arsenal & City.