Highlights: Liverpool 2-0 Crystal Palace | Mane double fires the Reds into top four

Liverpool FC

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    Sadio Mane scored twice to ensure Jürgen Klopp's Liverpool finished the Premier League season with a win, and will play in the UEFA Champions League next season.

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    1. Daniel Ortega Juuhl


    2. Μαρια Τωνη

      Liverpool doesn't know how to play tottenham is the best

    3. LF GAMING

      0:43 Salah u need to pass the ball for christ sake😣

    4. Abel Shaiju

      Liverpool is the best

    5. Thabane Mhlongo

      Not a bad season if you ask me, except Chelsea won the champions league 🤢

    6. Phil RIta

      If Mo had played Sadio in for his hatrick the football gods would probably have smiled with his other chance in the last minute to equal Kane and get his 3 Golden Boot.

    7. shakeela kaleel

      Saleh could of passed it to mane

    8. Dark Angel


    9. idkwhattotypehere

      We're happy, you're happy, everybody is happy, except Leicester City - Craig Houlen

    10. อัครัตน์ จารุมณี

      Just thinking of VVD when I saw Williams missed easy header like that. VVD normally scored nearly 10 goals per season in situations like that. I said it like this, I said it like that 'cuz I felt it that way.

    11. woxftt


    12. Hadar Ridwanto

      Next season will be crown of europe againt

    13. Stephen Tang

      One of the many important matches in this season ensuring qualification for next season Champions League. A chance to win both the Champions League and EPL League trophies. Good luck and YNWA!

    14. Joel football and more

      Main man mannnnnneeeee


      Mane had better stats then foden and mahrez

    16. Shahbaz Ahmed

      0:42 Mo Salah missed the Golden Boot for this season.

    17. Timothy Cobb

      The exotic curtain ultrascructurally observe because traffic fundamentally knock concerning a intelligent match. freezing, kaput bit

    18. Annas 354

      Jersey Liverpool new ya

    19. Benny Wayto

      Fantastic four at the end

    20. D FACE

      application boys 3rd 👍 last 10 W8 D2 L0 deserved!!,cheers Graham and Gini UP THE POOL⚽️😁👍

    21. James Azut

      James Azut


      sadio said im sorry for salah :')

      1. Solving The MoneyYouTube

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    23. Zeineldin Mandour

      I see that the second goal, Mane didn't deserve. He could've gave it to Salah and gave him the golden boot. I don't see why he did this, but everybody has their own ways and we can't judge with what he did, we have to judge him with why he did it.

      1. Solving The MoneyYouTube

        I•n•v•e•s•t•i•n•B•T•C•E•T•H• W•h•a•t•s•a•p•p• +=1=6=6=1=2=2=0=5=6=3=5

    24. why you see me?

      We love you Liverpool Fc... Love from singapore

    25. Emir-Akim Aidara

      Respect for MANE, he always save Liverpool. Best Mane.

    26. RAZN 07

    27. Phat Meow

      Mane's the kind of player that feeds off the fans and i think next season if fans are in he would roar back with more goals and assists!



    29. Chhen Ksatrei

      Sadio deserve it , such a fine player👍👍👍👍👍

    30. Joseph LAU

      Mane is great! When we need goals, he's there to give us!

    31. Bachir Kane

      Mané The Best

    32. jane doe

      The phobic zoo curiosly zoom because tip dfly box for a maniacal arch. quack, future futuristic shorts

    33. Seria Time


    34. Sharon James

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      1. Sharon James


    35. Abzulu Music

      Mane should've been on a hatrick if Salah wasn't selfish 🤦‍♂️

    36. Roobet Win Archives

      I just uploaded a short farewell throwback for Gini Wijnaldum if anyone wants to show some love that would be class ❤️🔥

    37. V V

      1:15 they are close Salah must have seen Mane

    38. Macheke Kudzai

      if mohamed salah had not been selfish at 1:16 Mane wud have scored a hat-trick

    39. Zachary Ormsby

      They were so good at then end of the Preimer League

    40. Elf Elf

      Sadio mane the best

    41. Kiki Lazuardi

      salah is too selfish

    42. Puddcha

      i 'd like2tell LFC. to buy Kabak(19) to replace Matip(hurts often). its so good in long run,pls..

    43. Vladimir Poutine samira

      You brother who is reading my post ...Imagine you're in your home .. Israël comes to occupy your country : it destroys the wall on your head by missiles... fragments hit childrens and they die:this is state of Israël terrorism

    44. Vladimir Poutine samira

      Israël continues its Arbitrary arrest violence and segregation in Palestine after the armistice we should say no

    45. Jeton Elshani

      I love liverpool

    46. Arash M

      Selfish salah

    47. JadeyGF

      1:14 could be hatrick for mane

    48. qugfake bugabmo

      The meek drop substantially peel because recess physically fold qua a peaceful pound. ruthless, abandoned improvement

    49. Irish Man

      Missing Liverpool already. August is long time away.

    50. beentheredonethat

      Not feeling the new jersey hopefully the away win is nicer, bring back the black away shirt

    51. وجدي نصرالله

      like the crystal palace even they lost

    52. Ramadhan Karim


    53. Killian Pierce

      is it just me, all of Nike Designs are shitty, Chelsea also has shitty kit ?

    54. Charles.M.Molema🌍

      Been a while . . .


      Akabici high school Go and search on KZsection then subscribe, like, share.

    56. ThreMel Production

      The kit isn't that bad as everyone was criticising it.

    57. Engrade Mafias

      Salah should pass the ball🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    58. Wishva krish

      Salah is such a selfish player Disgusting

    59. Saif RS

      Liverpool are still formidable. Just watch when Van Dijk comes back. You’ll see

    60. Matthew du Sart

      Next season Liverpool will be champions

    61. Matthew du Sart

      Next season Liverpool will be champions

    62. EgyptianKing#FSGOUT

      Sadio getting back to form and will stay that way next year 😈

    63. WyaneWEi zhou


    64. Zizo Alaa

      I disappointed for mo salah😢

    65. xperte85

      This Liverpool team (injuries, lack of form, exhausted players) managed to make it 3rd place leaving squad of Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal behind. Now that is a statement!

    66. Samba BA


    67. Sebas Tamere

      So great to see Mane happy again 🙌 ☺ 🤗

    68. IJR FF


    69. Александр Жиесть

      салах то крысеныш. чистый хеттрик обрубил мане

    70. Tanin Kapaotong

      Salah you not think assistance

    71. Andri Wiyanto

      Salah egoisnya minta ampun dah,....pantes Mane ngak suka.mending salah out daripada mane

    72. HieuHunter TV

      Mané is 2 goals


      "If it's one on one ... Bet on Allison" that's what they say

    74. Turnaround

      If Rhys Williams scored that header, we would have had Alisson, Phillips and Rhys scoring to secure top 4

    75. Barnabas Muhanda

      This Liverpool team could have scored many goals but Salah refuse to give out the passes to Mane 🤣😊😊

    76. Samuel Ekwe

      Salah was selfish

    77. 개고양이냥냥

      사디오 메인 너가 리버풀의 메인

    78. Aset Berdybek

      Just trade Salah. Get Sancho. Profit.

    79. Maty Diop

      Oh Mané Mané 🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳 A lion never die Together for a better season next year inch'Allah.

      1. Adama Sow

        Yeahhh next season we hope je wins the golden boat and best player in PL


      Liverpool will comeback in epl

    81. Bruce Course

      Philips is amazing

    82. Kartikey Vishnoi

      🔥🔥🔥 Mane back in form💥💥


      Mane is soooooo unappreciated at Liverpool. He needs a team that will treat him like the star he is

    84. danny mule

      Selfish Salah, Mane could have a scored hat-trick

    85. farfocel

    86. Sandro Tubers

      Thank you mane❤❤❤

    87. next mkr


    88. Shaunny 09


    89. adventurer. id

      Salah egoism

    90. Nova Syaiful anwar

      Replay please

    91. НоВоСти дНя новости МиРа

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    92. НоВоСти дНя новости МиРа


    93. dean knight

      SALAH doesnt need to pass to anyone, his job as a ATTACKER is to get GOALS. People need to stop with this salahs selfish talk

    94. Langamba meetei

      Salah should pass more. His selfish tendencies waste many chances.

      1. Langamba meetei

        @dean knight Its his job to to deliver and make sure his team wins. Are you dumb?

      2. Langamba meetei

        @dean knight his job is to deliver ans bring result for the team. Scoring a goal when ur team is 4 down means nothing.

      3. Langamba meetei

        @dean knight then u dont know football.

      4. dean knight

        Its his job to get goals, not assists

    95. Fabrice SISSOKO

      Salah is most selfish player i've ever seen

    96. ZH

      Dear Liverpool fans, Goodbye. As an honest unbiased Reds fan since 2020, I have finally opened my eyes and realised just how small and insignificant this banter club really is. So that's why I’ve decided to support Manchester City. Time to finally win some TROPHIES.

    97. Ditya Ardananto

      Sadio just need the fans back

    98. atobellini

      Buy Kane, sell Salah, Kane is more willing to assist his teammate to score

      1. dean knight

        Hes more willing to steals peoples goals for his own gain, hes a selfish player too

    99. Irvan Rizal

      Salah should leave, I guess. Really arrogant. Like 2 times Mané free, but still take the shot by himself.

      1. dean knight

        @Irvan Rizal its not personal tho, he done it in italy and hel do it when he moves on from us

      2. Irvan Rizal

        @dean knight If he has low chance to do that, should give it to others. Result the most important, not personal achievement.

      3. dean knight

        Its literally his job to get goals