HIGHLIGHTS: Liverpool 2-1 Ajax | Matip heads late for Champions League win

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    Watch the key moments from the Reds' Matchday 2 UEFA Champions League tie, taking on Ajax at Anfield.
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    1. killua zoldyk

      Tsimikas' contribution wasn't talked enough. He was phenomenal both in attacking and defending efforts.

    2. Manny G

      Matip was sensational; his presence, dominance and ability to carrying the ball out from the back offer the perfect counter-attacking outlet with the high line. 🇨🇲🔥

    3. Gustav Øspina

      Jota makes a HUGE impact in the front, i know some people miss Mane but the man is key for Salah and Diaz, nice performance, the lads were sweating for it. big wing, keep it up! ✊💪

    4. Sami

      Great to have Matip back (especially with this result). Tsimikas proved his worth on Robbo's absence. Trent really stepped up his game defensively in the second half. Thiago was stellar. Team's shaping up again!

    5. Layth Barzangi

      Loved seeing Jota back bossing it up front. That deft first touch to take it away from the defender then the layoff to Salah was a thing of beauty. 🔥

    6. AJ

      Can’t believe how shocking Trent and Van Dijk have been 😞 Matip has shown his worth, and he’s been our best defender this season and last season imo 🔥

    7. Last Push

      What a player MATIP is. Got it for free. Whoever wanted Klopp out, go support other team please.

    8. Salah Mahmoud

      Matip, Thiago & Tsimikas are the heroes of the match

    9. solomon the grundit

      Lovely win lads…

    10. Sam

      Lately some fans have been way too harsh with VVD. Sure he isn't on the same level as before his injury but still he's been quite solid. His long passes, his anticipation, his aerial game, etc are still spot on. Sure he looks slower but it happens to everyone when you get older and can't blame him either after the injury he went through. He just made us think like he was superhuman and now we are just realizing that he's human. Let's just be grateful that he plays for Liverpool. After he's gone you'll see how much he meant for the team.

    11. Cracked Wall

      I love how matip just starts to push the ball and reach the opponent's half in a matter of seconds.

    12. Debanjan

      Watching Thiago today after watching Milner against Napoli was spiritual 😭

    13. Dacron

      Brilliant performance by the lads that night, we fought for that win and each player deserves credit. However, that right hand side of trent and elliot needs to be improved.

    14. Luyandza Bavukile Dlamini

      That was the fight and intensity I was hoping for in our past matches and we truly deserved this win!Let's hope that we can maintain this form after the international break

    15. Secret Shadow Knight

      Kudos to Ajax goalkeeper! He really save a lot with his sixth sense :)

    16. Scorched Earth

      Matip makes a massive difference to Liverpool alòng with Thiago. Great win lads.

    17. Bang fatur

      Salah amazing

    18. Max Mach

      Few minutes before the end of the match I said: "We didn't improve that much, but Matip is looking solid".

    19. Military Update

      We love Salah

    20. Jarwo Hari

      Matip’s reaction tho 👑👑👑