HIGHLIGHTS: Liverpool 2-1 Newcastle Utd | Dramatic last-gasp volley from Carvalho

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    Watch key highlights from an incredible night at Anfield, as a Fabio Carvalho volley deep into stoppage time completed another comeback from the Reds in the Premier League. Roberto Firmino had equalised after Alexander Isak had netted on his Newcastle debut.
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    1. samuel nunez

      Man Isak was dangerous, that second goal was class.

    2. Aayla Breast Vlogs

      Isak is a great striker. Calm nd composed with beautiful finishes

    3. Notorious 26

      Isak is something else, the league is full of awesome strikers

    4. PlayStreams

      Isak is a beast! Looking forward to watching him play.

    5. Mohd Sufiyan

      Isak looked incredibly, especially the 2nd goal. Just brilliant

    6. trentcentral97

      Fabio Cavalho is such a talent he should be playing more in games and it was an amazing last minute win, me and my dads resections were crazy!!

    7. DazzlingDaz76

      Fabio Carvalho reminds me of Phillipe Countinho when he started to play for Liverpool. What a talent.

    8. SF Events

      no one is talkin about the incredible assist by Salah, the shoulder composer, that is something you never see again, because he knew the Newcastle keeper was too good and he did it that way. that is something as a critic i have never seen

    9. Mikasa Ackerman

      The last goal brought the life to me again ❤️

    10. Trung Dung Dang

      An emotional match. Liverpool's unyielding fighting spirit, never giving up and the well-deserved victory have come to our team. Fabio Carvalho continues to have a very good game, hopefully he will continue to play well in the next matches. Congratulations Liverpool

    11. thegiftedmedia

      Carvalho has been impressing every game, with this goal, he should be even more confident. Definitely a starter.

    12. Koorosh Poursaeed

      Actually there's nothing better than seeing bobby back in form. Outstanding performance by elliott and salah also.

    13. anene Chikamso Stephen

      Isak is so composed honestly. A good signing for Newcastle

    14. Karan Shah

      Can we take a moment to applaud Isak though what a player 👏

    15. Swapnoneel Basu

      Elliot and Carvalho

    16. Athreya Thandeswaran

      Isak is talented.

    17. Largo Adam

      Give some credit to Salah , the guy is consistently contributing in Liverpool’s goals.

    18. Umar Hasan

      Liverpool's first goal came from a direct build-up from the bottom to the feet of Mo Salah who immediately gave an assist to Firmino. What a straight game-plan that deserved to get more credit and attention.

    19. Sam

      the more I watch LFC matches, the more I am convinced that Salah is the heart of the team, regardless he scored, assisted or not. Diaz did not pass to salah who was free and unattended, and shot it wide, the same happened again with Elliot, a while later. Diaz, and Elliot are great players, and I like their agility, but sometimes the urge to score by a player makes him selfish.

    20. waziri alihaidar isa

      Why is no body talking about Harvey Elliot performance, he was magnificent in the match, both his fitness, marking, movement, control and passing. He is my man of the match yesterday