Highlights: Liverpool 2-2 Man City | Salah's sensational strike in thrilling draw

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    Watch all the key action from Anfield, where Liverpool twice lead, but were ultimately held, with goals coming from Sadio Mane, and a super solo strike by Mo Salah.
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    1. 2SANDER7


    2. Sai Vishal Kannan

      As a United fan, I believe Mo Salah is unequivocally the best winger in PL at the moment. A legend already at Anfield!

    3. Mozz

      The quality of the play and all the 4 goals was incredible. Mo Salah was on a different level

    4. Abil Fatan Key

      Liverpool very lucky to have Salah ...

    5. A. D.

      Liverpool: Goal of the season!

    6. Nas Fal

      What a commentary: "The man is simply incredible it is a stunning moment from a stunning footballer"

    7. Mustafa New

      Salah's Goal will be talked about for many years to come. Phenomenal Player.

    8. on verra

      SALAH IS simple and down to earth

    9. Robin Cadle

      What a fantastic game with two exceptional teams going head to head! Salah's goal was out of this world! Goal of the season or any season for that matter! Sheer brilliance!

    10. Muzammil Ather

      For me this one's still the best game of the season so far.The intensity and goal scoring simply amazing what a great rivalry

    11. abdullahi mohamed

      The kind of games we will remember for decades to come. Absolutely beautiful

    12. Tokiur Rahman

      Let's just appreciate Rodri's tackle

    13. S. O

      Don't waste a single second in offering Salah a new contract now.. The guy is getting better and better with every passing game

    14. Lenovo Vibe

      What a goal !!! A classique. Give him the raise, he rightly deserves so. He is the best presently on the footballing scenario across all leagues.

    15. Garyn Jones

      What more can Salah do? Give the man what he wants, that goal was breathtaking gets better each time I watch it😍

    16. Global Secularism

      Mo Salah Goal: Unbelievable. Insane. Crazy. Magnificent. Incredible. Gorgeous. Beautiful. Unreal. Smart. Splendid. Spectacular. Impressive. Superb. Striking. Glorious. Admirable. Great. Masterly. Wonderful. Brilliant. Dazzling. Awesome. Awe-inspiring. Breathtaking. Sumptuous. Resplendent. Grand. Imposing. Monumental. Perfect.

    17. 1967Stotty

      His assist for the 1st goal was amazing… then he he does that. Incredible skill.

    18. Siyathemba Siaz Matshaya

      Best players,best pitches,best Coaches and best match officials.

    19. Shawn

      Mo Salah is just absolutely unbelievable at football

    20. ddusud

      Salah's passing and playmaking are really underrated