Highlights: Liverpool 3-3 Leicester | Late equaliser and penalty shootout puts Reds in semi final

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    Takumi Minamino scored a late leveller for the Reds after Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Diogo Jota had twice reduced the deficit before Caoimhin Kelleher saved two penalties to set up a Carabao Cup semi-final clash with Arsenal.
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    1. TimeBucks

      Minamino is such a talent

    2. YUTAB 0532

      Minamino performing well, Tomiyasu and Kyogo are killing it too.

    3. 최유안

      Minamino is such a talent. his goal was beautiful

    4. Nakibalbashiri 10

      They just never disappoint their fans. What a strong team👊🏽🙌

    5. MS11

      Minamino is a great player saved us with that beautiful last minute goal and jota doesn't not leave without a goal and outstanding performance from the young lads. If this is not the greatest comeback I don't know what is and let's not forget about Naby Keita🔥🙏🏽

    6. Ty

      What a game, it seemed over by the 15th minute but the young lads played extremely well against a full side Leicester♥️

    7. Jamil Uddin

      Loved Minamino even when we fist signed him and he wasn't scoring....... lucky to have Khelleher as no 2

    8. Cherries And Blossoms

      What an electrifying game. Incredible fighting spirit from the lads.

    9. Kondwani Mahaka-Phiri

      Kelleher, definitely the hero of this Cup 👏🏿

    10. RonMesReBaFoot 10

      Jota 🥰 this man is unreal , good performance from Minamino too , and Chamberlain was class

    11. Jaser Hussain

      Comeback masters

    12. Putra Manurung

      No stadium like Anfield, no team like Liverpool FC !

    13. Supaya Kamu Percaya

      An assist and a goal from Minamino, hopefully there is more to come from him.

    14. GoldenAye

      Even though Mino missed the penalty and the match could have fallen either way, we love him, he was the one who got us to that stage. Nice one Mino....we are with you YNWA

    15. Tope Smart

      I'm just super proud of this team. I sincerely thought we were going to get beat when I saw the match day lineup. The mentality of the entire squad is something to study...

    16. Supreme KB

      The Leicester fans faces when minamino missed the penalty. PRICELESS 🤣

    17. Maubray Mzoma

      Almost handed them the game, some of the young boys weren't up to the task but good substitutions and hard work brought us back in. Kelleher's performance was epic.

    18. Nkululeko Shezi

      Watching this team play, inspires me a lot. The 'never giving up spirit' and the belief.

    19. Ahanda Joseph

      What an incredible game from both team 💪🏾