Highlights: Liverpool 4-0 Arsenal | Mane, Jota, Salah & Minamino net

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    Watch key highlights of the Reds' dominant display against Arsenal in the Premier League.
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    1. HOLY CRAB

      The amount of love Liverpool fan has for Minamino is immeasurable. Glad he got a goal

    2. M. C

      I am just so happy for Mino. He never complains. Never gives up. Ability to play in multiple position. Really a nice lad.

    3. re f

      Ramsdale got scored on 4 times and I still think he is the best Arsenal player. What a goalie. Respect

    4. FarizzulFarouk

      Glad to see Minamino getting game time.

    5. Irwan Tahalim

      Watching Jota’s goal made me hold my breath, twice 💯💯💯

    6. Sanaa Mustafa

      Salah, Jota, Mane and Trent are incredible

    7. ShadowMoon


    8. Shivam Singh

      It's great to see Minamino scoring for us i really think he is a great player, it's good to have him in the squad 🙌🙌👍👍

    9. Stefano Franchini

      Man, what a team. They even look happy playing together.

    10. ലിവർപൂൾ ❤❤

      What a performance from the lads!!We deserved the win...we could've won 7-0 or 8-0....Hats off to ramsdale👏

    11. Nelson Simorangkir

      Liverpool is solid. They played as a Team. Congratulations for Salah & Mane, and the Team.

    12. Christopher Dudeson

      So happy for Minamino 🥺

    13. Michael Melen

      This is the Mane who cannot be stopped. I had lost faith in him after matches where he seemed uninterested, but efforts like this put him at the top of the league still. Well done. Props to Ramsdale, also. Four goals let in is not an accurate reflection of his value tonight. This was a brilliant Liverpool team effort, but those two players stand out.

    14. Dharma Anjarrahman

      Conceded 4 goals and yet still impressive for a goalie. Respect for Ramsdale

    15. Debesh Panda

      Everyone was rock solid 🔥 Ox finally seems to be coming back, he was good. Thiago was great last night, did everything. Fabinho was as brilliant as ever stopping any attack before they can develop. And the front 3 damn. Mo could have tried more to shoot but he looked for teammates and also got his goal. That Jota header pass for mane and from mane to Mo and glad to se Taki getting chances

    16. Leandro Rocha

      Salah is out of this world. What a fantastic performance once again!

    17. Frank Oros AIBANGBEE

      4 goals conceded yet the goalie is Arsenal's MOTM, wonderful!

    18. roundbutfreakishlysq

      Gotta say it, not a Liverpool supporter myself BUT what a magnificently unselfish team effort that was, Liverpool were unstoppable, well played lads 👍

    19. The Reds 7

      So glad that Taki scored his first goal for LFC in the premier league at Anfield..he deserves more minutes to show his talents, do not write him off, die hard LFC fan from Malaysia 🇲🇾 In Klopp we trust, YNWA

    20. Daigh Nugent

      Fabinho goes unnoticed. He was a beast. Him and Mane were unplayable. Jota, Salah and Trent were fantastic also