Highlights: Liverpool Legends 5-5 FC Bayern Legends | Alonso, Gerrard, Kuyt and more

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    Watch all the action from Anfield as the LFC Legends shared 10 goals with Bayern Munich to raise funds for the LFC Foundation.
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      Alonso : Realmadrid legend, Liverpool legend and Munich Legens .. wherever he was played he will be a legends

    2. LimeArt

      Everyone was smiling, no serious preasure, unlike the last 10 years ago. Legends never die.

    3. shayan ahmad

      Alonso: biggest betrayel 😂😂

    4. Koen Verweij

      Imagine the Bayern legends in like a year, Robben and Ribéry...

    5. TheYuszman06

      I love Stevie G, to be honest i almost cried the last day he played for liverpool. Legend player. - From Man Utd fan.

    6. Voltron Knight

      Gerrard, Alonso, Kuyt and Agger all have a special place in my heart. ALL TOTAL LEGENDS! YNWA!

    7. Uriel Ruiz

      One of the most friendliest competitive games I've ever seen, wish all games felt this way, everyone, win, lose, or tie, goes home smiling with the support of the fans, no matter what stadium. (Home or away)

    8. Random Idiot

      Did anyone find it weird that the Liverpool Alonso player looked very similar to the Bayern Alonso player? Strange.

    9. David Shenton

      Not the first time we've let a 3 goal advantage turn into a draw.

    10. Pujan Tamang

      Xabi Alonso: I scored against the same team i played for in the same match

    11. Learn-2-Earn

      Gerrard and Alonso are still magic

    12. S War

      Bayern scores, all the fans are cheering, too. this is respect! absolutely love it <3

    13. Shishir Kashyap

      Gerrard could have still played for klopp

    14. Follow the brick road

      It is a real treat seeing Lothar Matthaus on the field . One of the most complete midfielders of all time

    15. Kalopsia

      Alonso plays for the two teams

    16. Muhammad Zaki

      Always love it when the legends come out to play... Fun to watch.

    17. Flemes

      Gerrard is so ambitious with the ball i love him so much

    18. TheDark Whisper

      Idk why I'm smiling so wide rn seeing Alonso here. Really miss the man

    19. Stormy Samreen


    20. Ninjaah

      Good thing our legends haven’t forgotten the policy of Liverpool: