Highlights: West Brom 1-2 Liverpool | ALISSON heads the winner in injury time!

Liverpool FC

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    Watch key highlights from the Hawthorns, where the Reds ran out 2-1 winners in the Premier League thanks to goals from Mo Salah, and an injury time winner from Alisson Becker.

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    1. fatih kurşun

      çok gülün şut harikası alisson

    2. Nino

      WOW, I still can’t believe this happened, this goal is dedicated to his father, may he R.I.P. Alison deserved this goal more than anybody

    3. Kerem Bayar

      1-1 '90 Allison: hehe it's my time to shine:)

    4. Melon Boyz

      He always there when we need him..He saves he score👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    5. nitish

      This header just went down in liverpool history....one that will always be remembered.....

    6. Selina Zinnat


    7. Gitte Brath

      If i have a bad day i go back to see this

    8. Gyuszó Tóth


    9. Daniel Ortega Juuhl


    10. Zero Zero

      Beteer Karius

    11. Max Pacheco

      When your here because ur friend made u:

    12. 1 Grandioso

      Meglio brignoli

    13. Jagvetinteettbranamn

      He has got A higher goal per minute rate than firmino lol

    14. Danhkaung Maihtut

      အ ကြိုက် ဆံုး အ ေကာင်းဆံုး အသင်း

    15. Henry Ddamba

      This is the league we want to watch.....

    16. Legive Ek

      Erdson fans like


      That struggle of the king..... The kop rises

    18. Purwanti Allan

      Its so special again from Liverpool.

    19. Mmotoh Obianuju

      That makes him No1 goalkeeper in the world

    20. Tatiana Fischer

      Alisson Becker!!!!!!!

    21. Paraic The gorilla gamer

      Alisson my man 🥊🥊🥊🥊

    22. Mike The Prig

      Grande brignoli.. ehm allison

    23. lucy kathambi

      The goal keeper with a difference 👏

    24. Afif Muhammad Qisthi

      Alisson: well, watch me.

    25. tristan8673

      Can somebody explane why the goal of wba was canceled?!🤔🤔🤔

      1. Umar 2.5

        It was outside

    26. Gianfranco Bellino

      This season Allison has scored more goal then Bernardeshi😂

    27. BNK 48 FC


    28. sashaw555



      2124 angel number

    30. Lewis Burt

      We love football

    31. yosua nyayat

      Buat assist ☑️ Cetak goal ☑️ AB1 👍👍👍👍

    32. Nico Maina

      My best keeper in the world

    33. sarwagya bhardwaj

      Alison save against Napoli ,Liverpool wins champions league Alisson scores against West brom , Liverpool gets into champions league Two massive contributions and he has already paid double back to Liverpool of what he was signed for.

    34. Arthur Charles Harrison

      Love this beautiful moment, Allisons goal helping us to finish third in the Premier League near the end of a testing season , R. Keane😴 shooting his mouth off mid season about there being Zero winning spirit and Liverpool being terrible champions..

    35. bocah polos

      Aku datang lagi

    36. Gamal Ali

      Aleson another king

    37. Gamal Ali


    38. Ronald Berocan

      What a goal Backer

    39. Isaac Romeo

      Lets go to alfy powerboy

    40. Charming nowhere to hide

      I'm not even a liverpool fan but the amount of joy that allison's goal gives me is just unreal. The type of goal that makes your week😊.

    41. Maame K

      Definitely in black. YNWA

    42. opzz xsin

      Perfect video...thank you so much..

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        Alisson did gave us UCL next season

    43. Niziu ganbare

      WBA: Let's not mark the 1.91 man inside the box

    44. Ask to seduce Miss

      I'm a united fan. But this amazing highlight is too short

    45. Agustina Benjamin

      Nice video

    46. Junkm1n3r_2558

      Where do they get the noise? There is no crowd

      1. opzz xsin

        What a moment from Alison after everything's he has been tru this year with he pulls out a stunner header I can never get tired of watching this

    47. zero derham

      man im back here to fucking feel it

    48. kevin ogutu

      Act of God.

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        I'm brazilian and Internacional fan, I'm so happy for him

    49. Chardonneret sauvage

      great best sniper

    50. Mirza Muhaimin

      Sam Allardyce: You will not getting that top four Alisson: No Big Sam, I'm going to save my team

    51. Ishraq Syed

      Time for someone in the red to be a hero. It was the Man in Black.

    52. clever tax tax

      W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P!! + • 1 • 7 • 7• 9 • 2 • 0 •1 • 1 • 2 • 7 • 0 ••• I • N • V • E • S • T • IN C • Y • P • T • O ••••

      1. Ulfur Brjánsson


    53. haikal09


    54. haikal09


    55. Timothy Cobb

      The useful brass inferiorly cross because show evidently film except a disillusioned octopus. handsome, wiry himalayan

    56. bodoti qwiu

      Alisson é o melhor goleiro brasileiro atualmente

    57. root8ble

      Alisson did gave us UCL next season

    58. Alepp_Zxy

      its special day for him.

    59. minij hooi

      "Goalkeepers never score goals" Alisson: Hold my beer

    60. Stanton Pragasan

      What a moment from Alison after everything's he has been tru this year with he pulls out a stunner header I can never get tired of watching this

      1. DePeaceHunter

        What happens to him?

      2. bodoti qwiu

        9M Watching

    61. labcoent co

      Only 10 days, this vid get 9 mil views. 10 days

    62. Emily An

      I'm brazilian and Internacional fan, I'm so happy for him

    63. Leandro Parada


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    65. Osman Yüksek

      Who is here after De Gea's penalty miss?

    66. bowen voowy

      “A hero in red or in black.... make yourself a story”. Legendary commentary.

      1. Emily An

        their own benefit as well as their families.

    67. Aatif 457

      "The hero needed in red or maybe black " - famous words.

    68. Liverpool Liverpool

      The Big Brazilian Stopper lol

    69. Mez Hossain

      1:13 is what you came for

    70. Arwen Undomielles

      Alli: forwards look! I saved a lot and here is the right way to score.

      1. bowen voowy

        Legend 👌💯

    71. AkuFN


    72. David Kirui

      Hero needed in red or maybe black. Ooh it's Alison

    73. Kioshijab

      9M Watching

    74. แตบแหมบ บูด

      แม่น​อีหลี​ตี้​ มา​ส่าง​เป็น​แท่ชนะก่าเป็น​บ้อต่ะเ​อ๊​ง​ต​่​ะ​เอ​ง​ พ​ะ​น๊า​พ​ะ​นะ​วะ​ ซั่น​ดอก​ห​ว๋า​ เด้อ​นาง​เด​้​อ​ๆ​ๆ​เด​้​อ​ๆ​นาง​เด้อ​ผ่า​ง​ๆ​ๆ​ๆ​ๆ​ๆ​ๆ​ๆ​ๆ​


      Alisson: I must teach these others players how to score corners 🔥🔥🔥💯✅

    76. Tyler Powell


    77. Tomáš Opletal

      Alisson squeezed LFC into UCL next season! Great goal keeper!

    78. Akshay Balakrishnan

      *Alisson: Hold my beer, boyzZ😎🔥*

    79. Joelr Guooltti

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    80. Ita Haryono

      Alisson from Zero to HEROO


      Alisson 🇧🇷👊

    82. Ptao Tom

      Imagine if the stadium was Crowded at the last minute goal

    83. Odunoye Oluwaseyi

      Legend 👌💯

    84. Guru-Ghantaal Gaming

      Came here after finish top 3 , thanks Gini and thanks Alison ❤️

    85. Animals World

      I like it ,goal

    86. yiannis clerides

      now that is all over and LFC are in the CL for next year with 2 points those 3 points made the difference - this goal from alison was so crucial that deserves to be in history books up there with Man u against bayern or ramos header vs atletico in 90 + 3 - see you next year YWNWA

      1. yiannis clerides

        @Ptao Tom yes -

      2. Ptao Tom

        The reason why we are in champions league

    87. Animals World

      I like it

    88. Eric Dalip

      Nice ball

    89. Adam Makananisa

      BEAUTIFUL beautiful

    90. Bayu Jauhari

      Mantap 🤝 dari Fans Chelsea

    91. bofooit gojo

      “Oh it’s allison unbelievable” Remember this quote it’s gonna be considered one of the best quotes ever in the coming decades

      1. James Mark

        Hello I'm James nice to meet you here?

    92. digen abu Hafiz

      Thank alisson.. great goal.. YNWA..

    93. Stephen Tang

      The very very best of EPL goals. Moreover scored by a great goalkeeper YNWA

      1. bofooit gojo

        unreal watch this only onec

    94. Raster Terro

      In your worse moment when you are confused and thinking that nothing can be possible, and still have this little courage to step up and fight, God and the universe will give you strength you can never imagined

    95. Vandit Panvelkar

      Allison's wonder goal saved Liverpool's season🔥🎉

    96. Tshidee Mashiane

      Allison header secured a top4 finish

    97. The demon hunter Chan

      Who come back here after liverpool finish in 3rd place(:

    98. X X

      These Germans always come through with last minute goals.

    99. Go ishaan GO

      The reason why we are in champions league

    100. oğuzcan ekmekci