Inside Anfield: Liverpool 2-1 Ajax | BEST view of Reds' late Champions League win

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    Take a closer look at Liverpool's UEFA Champions League group stage victory as a Joel Matip header sealed the win for the Reds, after Mo Salah's opener had been cancelled out.
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    1. Liverpool FC

    2. Ivy Morgan

      Jota and Thiago really change the whole dynamic of our squad. looking forward for the rest of the season!

    3. Thando 1000KING

      best performance we've had this season (apart from the 9nil)

    4. George Antonov

      Great bounce back from the horror show in Naples. Shows the drive and desire by the whole squad and the gaffer's skill to speak to them and motivate them. Kostas and Thiago were amazing. Not the best game for Harvey but i am a believer. Since he was a winger i think he is adjusting to the defensive and pressing responsibilities of a CM but he is brilliant offensively.

    5. asaf saruusi

      I've said that before and I will say that again Matip is so underrated

    6. Layth Barzangi

      Big ups for our Greek Scouser. He was immense in this match. 🔥

    7. The Noble King

      I do proper rate tsimikas. He's come in and accepted he will play 2nd fiddle to robbo, and he's also properly embraced the culture of the club. He's definitely one of those players who every other player would want in the dressing room.

    8. nraidah

      this performance felt like the liverpool we've known in the last 5 years or so. the work rate, the pressing, the never giving up and winning the game (albeit not comfortably) felt good! hope the boys will come back fit after the break.

    9. Eu Mesmo

      Muito bom ver o futebol desse time do Liverpool.

    10. Balmorisco

      Thiago world class. Salah awesome

    11. Vyzard

      Virgil : Another year means another statue for the Great Joel Matip

    12. Akulio Just

      Joel Matip he’s a LEGEND - VVD says always

    13. 마길라

      Well done boys

    14. David Melcher

      once in my life I´d like to visit this wonderful stadium and watch a great game

    15. Mohammed Milk

      That goal from the Ajax number 20 🔥☄️

    16. bareknuckles2u

      Great game. Have to say that Ajax goal was a cracker.

    17. DJ W

      Thiago and Ali: whatta game guys! 👏👏👏 This is Liverpool as we want it, YNWA! ❤💯

    18. TAN WOOI LEONG Moe

      Anfield on UCL nights 😍

    19. Zoqo

      Much needed win! Hopefully kick on now when the prem is back! 👏🔴

    20. H F

      Thiago, matip, jota were all excellent 👌