Inside Anfield: Liverpool 2-1 Newcastle United | Amazing injury-time winner for the Reds

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    Go behind-the-scenes for the best of Liverpool's Premier League victory over the Magpies at Anfield, thanks to a comeback with goals from Roberto Firmino & Fabio Carvalho.
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    Жарияланды 28 күн бұрын

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    1. S. O

      Glad that once again they are doing Inside Matchday videos like the old times.. A bit more of backstage scenes rather than just highlights of the game in different angles

    2. Allison Virgil

      The passion from Nunez, Al. Shows what a great squad we have.

    3. We are Liverpool

      Thousands of thanks for MO, he created these chances for his mates, thank god for he plays in our team, I'm fear to imagine if he plays in another team, everything going well, and we have signed Arturo , i hope he'll help us to achieve the new trophy.

    4. cnbs

      Another game with goosebumps and tears of happiness… what a club…

    5. Koorosh Poursaeed

      Man what a performance by harvey elliott. Amazing confidence and control on the ball, and he is only 19. The kid was an absolute nightmare to the defenders and midfielders. He has a really bright future and he'll shine for sure

    6. Matt Potts

      20 years a fan of Liverpool and I finally got to attend a game in real life. Sitting in the Kop, I had lost hope with over 5 min of stoppage time. I sadly even second guessed myself flying halfway around the world to see the game. Then THAT happened… I’ll never forget the celebrations in the stands after the second goal!

    7. Gil Weitzman

      Let's go Fabio what a legend

    8. Dan the Man


    9. Trung Dung Dang

      An emotional match. Liverpool's unyielding fighting spirit, never giving up and the well-deserved victory have come to our team. Fabio Carvalho continues to have a very good game, hopefully he will continue to play well in the next matches. Congratulations Liverpool YNWA ❤️

    10. Sukhbir Sekhon

      It took me a few seconds to realise it was a goal there were do many bodies in the way. Love the way the goalie knew it was a goal without even looking behind him and fell down.

    11. Bedutainment

      Great vid, thanks to the team for getting it up so quickly! Love this format. As someone who has stood filming in front of the Kop and attended as a fan, standing on the Kop is one of the greatest privileges of my life. Love Harvey & Fabio and the fresh energy they’re bringing.

    12. dReAzY1

      What a great goal by carvalho!!

    13. Steph Minshall

      Carvalho what a goal and he deserves it

    14. Alec Leamus

      Carvalho and Elliot..WOW! Two young lads destined to be world class Liverpool legends.

    15. Mike Adams

      Amazing how friendly everything was before they crossed the white line. Just how football should be

    16. Ashley Holmes

      Elliott and Carvalho quickly becoming fan favourites, and rightly so! Great win, let's hope for another on Saturday

    17. FireFistBey


    18. Smedley Belkin

      Fabio standing on the touchline absorbing every bit of knowledge Milner can send his way, top kid.

    19. P nehe

      Glad we have Elliot and Carvalho in our Team .Future legends

    20. SkeweringCritics

      I love the togetherness of this squad!