Inside Goodison: Everton 0-0 Liverpool | Behind the scenes from the derby

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    Get the best view of Liverpool's Merseyside derby draw against Everton at Goodison Park.
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    1. Timeyin Grage

      First time I am seeing an Inside video with less than a 100 comments. Everyone is pissed, rightly so. But the boys will be back and we will be rocking again. Up the reds🔥

    2. Given Mathe

      A win would have been good. But at least we didn't lose. We grind on.

    3. Dolapo Johnson

      Nunez and Lucho hit the woodwork too.

    4. Thando 1000KING


    5. muhammed rahman

      Don't Worry LFC Fans, We will be there or there abouts come the End of Season, it's a long way and A WC in between, anything is possible especially for LFC The Greatest Football Club on Earth! YNWA JFT97

    6. Lybes

      Nunez showed so much skill to get a shot off from that angle. Shame Pickford performed so well

    7. ITellYah

      Imagine not putting in when we hit the post twice within a minute 🙄

    8. Yulia Dewi

      Liverpool and Everton are brothers in the same city, even though 90 minutes have to be rivals

    9. Bohlim Creation

      It's just a matter of time we trun around the table... It's possible because it's us .!! Never stop supporting.YNWA!!..

    10. Faint Stars

      good match to watch.

    11. UKMC

      ♫ When you walk through a storm hold your head up high.... ♫

    12. Premier League with A

      The Ruthless Liverpool 9-0 is needed back again. Just add some more clinical shots. It turns into Goals.

    13. Wepukhulu John

      Am vry happy to jota & Nunez next time better we will never walk alone,

    14. Ari Styles

      good game 0-0

    15. malick diop

      YNWA forever ❤️

    16. The one and only sadam

      Since mane left Liverpool went down hill

    17. frenzyhoodx fhx

      Injury take us a part of competition top spot.get back stronger Liverpool ynwa

    18. Resume Channel

      we go again lads

    19. Sandy Mabrok

      Mo Salah the king

    20. Body Mabrok

      Mo Salah the king 👑💖👑