Inside Madrid: Tottenham 0-2 Liverpool | The Reds lift the European Cup

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    Exclusive footage from Madrid on the day the Reds lifted the European Cup for a sixth time after beating Tottenham in the Champions League Final
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    1. Liverpool FC

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    2. Nunya Business

      Knowing Trent’s brothers gave up their careers because their parents could only afford to send one of them to training, then watching their reactions as they take pictures with him and the trophy makes this story just that bit sweeter and makes the moment that much more priceless❤️

    3. daniel moses


    4. Jon Heap

      The Trent Alexander-Arnold family was just absolutely boss. That makes it all the sweeter that one family in Liverpool are going to be smiling for years.

    5. nraidah

      i havent seen any club having a massive concert singing about their clubs before a football match 😂

    6. Indrie Mutia

      can't stop smiling 😁 Thank you Liverpool, for making my days, weeks, and years ☀️🥳

    7. Julia R

      A week later and I'm still in tears when I see Hendo's reaction at the final whistle. And Dejan and Virgil making sure he gets the applause he deserves from our supporters.

    8. vtrico10

      Couldn't be happier for Jordan Henderson. Has been a difficult few years for our captain and his family - came close so many times - 2012 FA cup, 13/14 season played so well, getting suspended at the end and coming so close, Europa League final, CL final in Kiev, finishing the season on 97 points - he must have dreamt about this moment for so long. Hopefully the start of something big YNWA

    9. SuMan Lamsal

      The best night of my life. Been a Liverpool fan since I was a kid and now my 7 years old kid is a Liverpool fan too. Time passes, players come and go but the club and fans are always there. We, the real fans dont change clubs.

    10. Lee Higgins

      It still hasn’t sunk in!!! Watching the boys through all those years of hurt and falling at the final hurdle cut deep into my heart but finally seeing this, this family and togetherness made me brake down in tears. Finally seeing the boys happy at the end of it all with tears of joy this time beats everything else in life. This team is a family and hopefully this is only the beginning of something so special that will bring many more years of joy. We’ve won it six times and we’ll never walk alone. Love to all you reds out there, we’ve been through so much together so let’s enjoy this one AS CHAMPIONS 🔴🔴🔴

    11. Sindibi

      Anyone still watching this in 2020 with a huge smile on their face an tears in their eyes?

    12. AxpheyKhan

      Thank you to all our staff members as well at Melwood & Anfield.

    13. Đøńņă Ţøģąńņ

      Trent brothers seeing he's brother win a UCL make me cry he's so proud he's brother 😭😭

    14. MichTheRed !

      Couldnt stop smiling when Firmino was dancing to his own song 🥰

    15. Karthadasht

      Studge and Moreno : Big big big big Thank you to you both ! Stood with us through thick and thin ! There is no enough words to express the gratitude to those players who helped us go through the journey we're in ! YNWA

    16. miss sassy

      I'm so proud of these guys everyone one of them deserved it....

    17. PV Jack l26l

      This club never fails to impress me. So happy we won it!

    18. asyraf ifraheim

      these lads,this team,the manager,the fans what a moment what a moment thank you liverpool love you 3000 no 6000🔴

    19. sulavlfc

      It's so classy and emotional to see Klopp being at the end while everyone celebrated during the trophy lift. He wants every player to enjoy the moment and doesn't want himself to be the center piece of it, perfect guardian

    20. 666 BRLN 999

      Thank you Moreno and Sturridge!