Inside Training: Extended behind-the-scenes access from Minamino's first day

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

12 МЛН рет қаралды1

    Watch as Takumi Minamino meets his new teammates for the first time, before taking to the field to train with the Reds on New Year's Eve.
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    1. Ibrar Hussain

      I don't think I've ever been as excited about a signing as I am with minamino. I think he's going to be a star for us. Can't wait to see him play

    2. W Leon

      I really hope we give Taki enough playing time. He has enormous potential.

    3. Aye-Htun Ohn

      Liverpool is not just a team... It is a family! My heart warms as I watch the boys train like this. Amazing.

    4. pou !

      Que ele tenha bastante sucesso!

    5. iclark2400

      "You two idiots, you know we have a recovery day, right?" that came straight from the heart, priceless from Jurgen! German humour 😂

    6. Nói Páll Bjarkason

      wow i didnt know he could speak german, its not an easy language to learn, especially when japanese is your first language. Pretty impressive.

    7. Khidhir Aman

      Seems like a nice guy to be around with. Looking forward to seeing him in action!

    8. ルーク

      I’m Japanese and I am truly proud of him. I never expected to see a Japanese player in Liverpool. Really hope that Takumi will be successful and do a good work on the team😊

    9. andrew renthlei

      The atmosphere inside the team is just so contagious...its every managers dream to have that kind of team is one of the main reason why liverpool are performing at this level

    10. Amulya Gurung

      The fact that this video has more views than Salah’s first day is beyond me but I love Taki as well .. It’s just surprising that’s all!! ❤️ YNWA

    11. Sonny Askins

      Mané is so nice he welcomes all the new signings and even gets opposition players to look after there team. What a guy!

    12. Farrukh Abu Bakr

      I Barcelona fan but i have to say this team is absolutely amazing thanks to the Klopp for real man this man change this club wow

    13. gesu

      The atmosphere everyone carries in this club is amazing, gotta love me these reds

    14. VinyziN444

      Achei legal a forma deles cantarem parabéns em todo tipo de línguas então quando eu ser um deles eu não irei me preocupar em brasileiro 🤣🥰♥️

    15. Fabian Dalleballe

      This must be so cool for Minamino, from a team noone heard of, to one of the top teams in the world. Lets hope he performs!

    16. Football🔥

      He's a successful signing! 🔥🥶🥶🔥

    17. i Khan

      Everyone: I wonder what Liverpool do in training to achieve such excellence during this intense season.

    18. BangkokFinest

      These boys are enjoying football! Klopp has done a fantastic job as a coach. His staff, assistant coaches, and that team bonding is outstanding.

    19. Daniel Taylor

      Love that his Number 18 locker is between Mane and Keita's 10 and 8. Shows understanding from Liverpool to place him between the former Salzburg boys.