'It's freezing!' | Liverpool FC players jump into in German lake after training

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

13 МЛН рет қаралды1

    Rather than the customary ice bath to balance out the players’ exertions after training in Germany, the Reds took a dip in the cold waters of nearby Lake Tegernsee instead.
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    1. ZAKI

      Klopp looks like a daddy with his kids on holiday 😂😂

    2. Tomatoknuckles

      Klopp making sure he gets every last sud of coffee 😂😂 what a bloke.

    3. Ollieッ

      Who's here after Liverpool won the title? They really did deserve it well played 👍

    4. Hello Tom

      Fans around the world love this man. How can you not? I’m not even a football fanatic but this man is just pure gold lol

    5. Paul Cunningham

      Why I love Klopp! What other manager would allow the players to have a swim in a lake after training? Total legend!!!

    6. OrennSystem

      Pause at

    7. I’m Me

      Klopp is amazing. The way he drank that coffee though 😂

    8. Muhammad Razif Tri Nugraha

      I've never seen a football club youtube content as family as this

    9. Safi

      Congratulations for winning the title to all LFC supporters, players, staff, trainers etc. YNWA From Holland!

    10. hans wurst

      I always enjoy to come back and check the team feel and laugh about Gini saying "I saw something in the water there.."

    11. Teb41

      oh, man. Sometimes I really miss some of those players, you know? Maybe some of them weren't the best players in the world, but we still loved every single one of them

    12. NikkiDaNova


    13. Setthawut Fang (Steven)

      Simon: "it's not that cold, come on!"

    14. Marcell Vavrik

      Everyone is bitching how cold the water was, while Mignolet: It's not that cold, cmon haha :D

    15. Mavro Productions

      This insight into the football club is great! Good to see how the players connect outside of football.

    16. Wan Iqbal

      I'm here after we've got the trophy. Since LFC came here, we won everything. Now I believe this is a magical Lake!


      i love when klopp sees that his players score a goal ☺

    18. jtg fifa stuff

      Milner just be like "bet you can't swim over there and back". The most exciting man ever 😂

    19. Yeet

      The fact that they are swimming with socks on really bothers me😂

    20. Yahya Abid

      Liverpool you deserve it you have worked hard and have shown us spoke of the best football ever