Jürgen Klopp's pre-match press conference | Crystal Palace

Liverpool FC

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    Watch live and in full as the boss speaks to the media ahead of Liverpool's final game of the 2020/21 Premier League season.

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    1. Eli Nadd

      Jurgen klopp with the last game of the season it's gonna be easy vs palace especially with the liverpool fans coming back.

    2. Suryanda Nakagawa


    3. Vakhim Ki

      Uefa europa league Is waiting for you Liverpool see you soon....... 😂😂😂😂

    4. joeyk86

      Let's give it our all to back our team! One. More. Game. LET'S GO! YNWA

    5. Neo Phatsa


    6. Matthew du Sart


    7. Ali Zaidi Diallo

      Liverpool is gonna make it? Chelsea will not beat Villa Spurs is going to get the 3 points at kingpower

    8. N /A

      Crystal Palace will be looking for revenge from the 7-0 earlier in the season!! Hopefully Klopp and the boys can bring home 3 points on Sunday!! Come on you Reds ❤️🇵🇸

    9. Skiltonjack Music

      Football reporters really just ask pointless fucking questions don't they.

    10. Skiltonjack Music

      6:04 to skip the bullshit

    11. Alan H

      First time in the last match three team still not confirm place to UCL

    12. KIRK

      Klopp THE FLOP

    13. KIRK

      LOVE how Jurgen KLOPP "COPIES" Arsene WENGERS Puffy Jacket Look.. VERY TRENDY!!.

    14. Damien Lepcha

      For those watching it now it starts at 6:02

    15. dhruv

      This is the last one please make it boys ynwa lads

    16. Muhammad faris officiall

      Go go liverpool

    17. Rick Davidson

      if you are going to the stadium on Sunday and you are seeing this please mate shout at the top of your lungs like there's no tomorrow ‼️‼️‼️

    18. Rick Davidson

      the 2000 fans were hella loud last time around imagine 10000 🔥🔥🔥😭x5 the noise I just can't wait

    19. Rick Davidson

      come on lads ❤️❤️

    20. Ronny Nielsen

      Let's do our best game of the season on Sunday and show the world that "We are Liverpool"

    21. Endras Lucky

      a little better but great for teams and young players. Buy.Son Heung Min, Memphis Depay, Rodrigo De Paul, Teemu Pukki, Hwang Hee Chan, why not ??? for sale ... # D.Origi, X.Shaqiri, J.Matip, M.GrujiC, H. Wilson, B. Woodburn, Sheyi, Taiwo, R.Firmino and ........... Sadio mane , loan: Rhys Williams, Ben Davies, Jake Cain, N. Keita (give Leighton Clarkson a chance) Come back: Takumi Minamino

    22. วีระยุทธ ขวัญบุญจันทร็

      แวร์เนอร์ ดาก้า musailowski ลงพร้อมกัน น่าจะเกิดมิติใหม่ๆนะ...แวร์เนอร์ฟอร์มตกราคากำลังดี อย่าประเมินแวร์เนอร์ต่ำเกินไป...เขาจะเก่งเทียบ เมสซี โรนัลโด้ได้แน่ๆ..

    23. วีระยุทธ ขวัญบุญจันทร็

      อยากให้ซื้อแวร์เนอร์นะ เอามาปั้นที่ลิเวอร์พูลน่าจะเก่งระดับเดียวกับซาร่านะ...แวร์เนอร์มีความเร็วจ่ายบอลขาดดี...

    24. วีระยุทธ ขวัญบุญจันทร็

      ักองหลังและกองกลางใช้บอลกรอบเขตโทษ กลางสนามใช้บอลtempo3ก็พอนะ เครื่องร้อนละค่อยใช้tempo4-5 กระชากจาก? tempo3ไป5เลยก็ได้กองหน้าน่ะ จะได้หนีกองหลังคู่แข่งได้...

    25. วีระยุทธ ขวัญบุญจันทร็

      พยายามอย่าเสียประตูใน10นาทีแรก เสียก็อย่าเสียถึง2ประตูนะ...ดันฟาบิโญ่เป็นเซ็นเตอร์ตัวที่3นะ...กลางอัดกรอบกระโหลกเต็มที่ หน้าด้วยนะ10นาทีแรก อัดหน้าประตูเต็มรูปแบบนะ..

    26. วีระยุทธ ขวัญบุญจันทร็

      เชื่อว่าคริสตัลน่าจะมาด้วยระบบ 4-3-3เนื่องจากลิเวอร์พูลมีจุดอ่อนอยู่ตรง10นาทีแรกจะเหมอลอยเป็นพิเศษ...ขอให้ลิเวอร์พูลระวังเรื่องนี้ด้วย...คริสตัลอ่อนตรงกลาง เล่นบอลเลียดสวยงาม และเร็วรวด จะทำให้เกมคริสตัลเสียเปรียบ สู้ๆน้อ...

    27. Mah Cj

      Tomorrow we will show the unity to marvel and show Liverpool forever.

    28. Slamet Underground


    29. Dontae D. Drummond

      Come on !

    30. Aaron

      “Let me say like this” Jurgens favourite sentance

    31. hadgu keleta

      Mo Salah must score two goals

    32. hadgu keleta

      Any injuries update, is jota going to play on Sunday

    33. H. Soofi

      Gini should start. It’ll most likely be his last game in an LFC shirt and I have no doubt he’ll give us 200%. Liverpool legend whatever happens tomorrow.

    34. SSA MamahUpi.7i

      *Feel Like Final..* Good Luck Klopp! Good Luck Reds!🔥🔥

    35. XWespX

      Get Physical Silber Now, Hyperinflation ist Coming!!!!!

    36. Imelda McIntyre

      Go REDS! Mo go for the golden boot you DESERVE IT! Thank you all at LFC next year our 12th man Is back🙏🥳🥳 Up the MIGHTY REDS YNWA, Mane ⚽️⚽️


      From palestıne... Ynwa💪🏻❤


        @Reeta I am safe, but my friends died from the bombing 😞


        @Reeta Thank you 🌹

      3. Reeta

        I hope you’re safe! YNWA

    38. Solomon Lalnunhlima

      Please milner start

    39. Yousif Faris

      liverpol am love liverpol but am like Mo salah and arnold ❤❤❤

    40. LFC Spectre

      One more to go reds and we get Champions League football for next season. YNWA

    41. JC ANYIAM

      Palace had a HOME Advantage to give Roy Hodson a GREAT WINNING send-off- but FAILED miserably- We WILL SMASH THEM ON Sunday!!!

    42. stonesinmyblood27

      We will win!

    43. Koen 27

      Come on reds!!

    44. ابوعمار الفايدي

      ان شاء الله محمد صلاح هتريك

    45. Faheema Desai

      Another 7-0 please !!

    46. Douglas Eckel

      We are lucky to have Klopp at LFC. Shanks offspring......

    47. omar nasr

    48. callme_fusionzz

      Starts at 6:03 Ynwa

    49. Michael Manning

      Let hope we get the 3 pts come on Liverpool ynwa ⚽️⚽️⚽️

    50. Koen

      Come on reds!!

    51. SpeedyBoy1

      Easy claps for liverpool are the best!!

    52. Endras Lucky

      what do you think guys.. ?? think smart and wise... Transfer players ..? you think only Gini ?? I hope not, Our tactics are easy. They know, I suggest there will be a change Buy Memphis Depay, Zambo Angguissa, Teemu Pukki may be your supersub, He is the one you Go to, another way you will be great, come back T. Minamino and H. Elliott

      1. Endras Lucky

        Reality.. Ngab

      2. Ryan Mac Master

        Are we talking Fifa or reality?

    53. Endras Lucky

      what do you guys think .. ?? think smart and wise ... Transfer players ..? you think only Gini ?? I hope not, Our tactics are easy. They know, I suggest there will be a change Buy Memphis Depay, Zambo Angguissa, Teemu Pukki may be your supersub, He is the one you Go to, another way you will be great, come back T. Minamino and H. Elliott


      People will be kicking themselves in few hours if they miss the opportunity to achieve more from sports than just the pleasure of watching

      1. Lora Maria

        Believe me his the best with fixed games, with him your winnings are assured

      2. Jung-hoon Kim

        Thanks, reaching out to him now

      3. Matilde Afonso

        +44 7 5 2 0 6 3 5 4 4 1

      4. Matilde Afonso

        His availability is on WhatsApp ⏬⏬

      5. Zhang Wei Wang

        I need his fixed games as well, how can I contact him?

    55. Salman Khan

      Goodbye Gini. 🙌 Thank you for everything.😔

    56. E N1

      1st question! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    57. Mark Southam

      What sort of “journalists” attend these conferences? If about the game on Sunday and none of them ask about injuries / fitness etc. just want to make their own statements and ask obtuse questions?

    58. Jeff Zhang

      Naming my first born son Jurgen

    59. Cotswold Cuckoo

      Fair play to Man City, but wouldn't it have been a nice gesture to let Liverpool keep and parade the Premiership Trophy for last season for one time in front of just a few fans at Anfield tomorrow ? And I hope time is found to say a proper farewell to Roy Hodgson. Oh yes .... someone tell Salah to play for the team, not so he can cement his position as Golden Boot winner.

      1. Vik Sinha

        We wanted our trophy back after we gave it to you last season!


      I dont want CRYSTANBUL


        Şimdi anladın mı


        Bi tane youtube kanalı var Adi 442oons Futbolla ilgii komik cizgi film türevi şeyler üretiyor 2013 teki 3 0 dan Crystal Palace ın 10 dk da 3 3 yaptıği Liverpool Crystal Palace maçını anlatio Macin sonunda da Suarez ağlıyor Kanalın en klasik videolarından biri Mac da Crystal Palace maçi olunca aklıma geldi

      3. Elif kırmaç

        @CHEWY SUAREZ anlamadım...


        @Elif kırmaç Its a 442oons video And one of the best football cartoons Elif kardeşim anladın mı ksksjsjsjhs

      5. Elif kırmaç

        what do u mean

    61. mr liverpool

      mane 5 season with us 4 good 1 bad/inconsistent hes got 2 seasons left hopefully he plays well Hes a club legend

    62. mr liverpool

      bobby 6 seasons with us 5 good seasons 1 bad hes been inconsistent this season. Every season hes been with us hes had 20+ goal contributions Hes job isn’t to score 20+ a season its to create have 20+ goal involvements. hes job isnt to score 20+ a season its to have 20+ goal involvements He will be back next season

    63. Tuyen Pham

      Klopp No Liverpool 👎😠😠👎😡😠😠👎👎😠👎😡😠👎😡👎😠😠😡👎👎😠

      1. Dakku

        What do you mean?

      2. E N1


    64. Tuyen Pham

      Crystal palace 11 - 0 Liverpool 👎😠👎👎😠😠😡👎😠

      1. Dakku

        We will see.Let the game begin

      2. E N1


    65. Andrew Thwin


    66. ian morrison

      On Sunday Nat v Benteke is an intriguing one. Two players reborn and on form. Unfortunately there's Zaha as well so Nico and Trent will have to be at their best defensively. Both Palace players need the ball played to them in the final third - they're not really at their best on the break so maybe the high press will make things hard for them? Tough opponents who will be wanting to send Roy off with a good win. Going to be a hard-fought game.

    67. Digen Perkusi

      Gaskeun.. YNWA

    68. LM VIDEO

      YNWA ❤️ from 🇲🇾

      1. LM VIDEO

        @Alan H it's Malaysia flag 🚩

      2. Alan H

        Is that Liberia flag?

      3. Maria Haringan Sanah


    69. N K

      Come Liverpool and Leicester City. The racist club and owner will lose to Aston Villa and in the CL Final

    70. sotro kembar

      Liverpool ❤️❤️🇲🇨🇲🇨

    71. N K

      Free Palestine 🇵🇸

    72. N K


    73. Kumar Reaturaj

      Please sign Gliesen Bremer instead of Ozan or Konate. Rafinha would also be good.

      1. Kumar Reaturaj

        @Daryl Wilkinson to be honest, Kabak won't stay, Matip keeps getting injured. So, actually we will have Van Dik, Gomez, Nat Phillips, new signing as regulars. Rhys will be sent on loan. Both Marko Grujic and Harry Wilson are not good enough for Liverpool. I know for sure Shaqiri, Origi, Harry Wilson, Marko Grujic, Karius, Taiwo Anwoyi, will be sold. Since Gini is leaving, we need an all round Midfielder.

      2. Daryl Wilkinson

        We have 8 defenders in total. 4 returning from injury. We have Grujic and Wilson in midfield why do we need to buy more players in positions we don't need? We don't have a striker. That's the only type of player we need to buy

    74. Abdullah Gafur

      I believe in him. He's a briliant coach. Jurgen Klopp will do the best for Liverpool

      1. Abdullah Gafur

        @Di Ni No. I know he has best strikers. Maybe it's about Lucky.

      2. Di Ni

        Nah, his strikers have a poor strike rate. 1000 chances and 40 goals. His CB defenders are very poor and his midfield is non-existent. Overhyped coach.

    75. Zoqo


    76. Balal Rehman

      Next season Liverpool will be storager and better LFC ynwa

    77. Definitiv nicht Sönke

      They really have to win this, dont care how leicester or chelsea plays, just do it by your own

      1. J T

        Agree 100%. But, nice to have put ourselves in a situation where there are multiple scenarios on the table that see us through to the UCL. Leicester loses, we’re in (unless we lose by 5+). Chelsea loses, just a draw sees us in. Leicester draw, we only need a draw as well. But yes, go out and win it at Anfield. Go Reds. Those fans will have millions at their back from around the 🌍 including 🇨🇦! YNWA

    78. Balal Rehman

      Last game of the Premier League season can't believe no Premier League next week is it been a difficult year for everyone and the football especially for Liverpool FC with injuries and personal lost but mighty reds didn't give up they fight proud of the reds and Jürgen final game on Sunday at home with fans give everything score try to qualify for the Champions League next season come on you reds LFC ynwa

    79. J

      Crowd must be on point tomorrow, need to give the players everything

      1. jjoel

        not tomorrow but sunday

    80. A Omar

      Good luck Liverpool!!! 🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲

    81. Aditya Pandey

      we trust in klopp

    82. Pyan Śöfian Mardī

      Klu kalah aku xmahu bayar gaji ko kloop...n bole balik kg ko ....jgn byk blablaaaaa😛🤩😚💫⚒🎸👩‍💻🎃🙏🤘🎻🌇🚭⛔😄🔞👤✌🤔😘😂🤣

      1. Alif Alfalah


      2. Pyan Śöfian Mardī

        Ko xyah sengeh2 laa...cukur misai jagut tuu..mcn org idiot ....bagi lawa laaa.....win ko safe....klooop..oklaq dios migos estupido 🤣😂😘🤔✌🔞😄⛔🌇🎻🎯🙏🎃

    83. Mike Ansari

      10000 fans will be singing and sounding like 100000 on Sunday. Millions on TV around the world. YNWA

      1. Roger Seow

        Vow that will be great

    84. Gilly Mann


    85. Rennê Menezes

      Vamos fechar a temporada com vitória diante da torcida e garantir a vaga para Champions League. Liverpool 2x0 Crystal Palace

    86. Abdulrahman Alalawi

      Too terrible coach Jürgen Klopp.

    87. 111msw

      Well done The Ox 👏👏👏

    88. Wayne Churches

      Cmon Pool you can di it. We BELIVE

    89. Stewart Savage

      We got your back Reds, cmon

    90. I'm Prodigal Man 23


      1. Gol Gotha

        @Rob Wright he says that so he can get a better deal for him and his staff. He said the same when his contract was going to end in 2022. Now he's hinted he will stay beyond 2024 . Just Google klopp hints he'll stay beyond 2024. Can't leave links in KZsection comments anymore.

      2. Rob Wright

        Pretty sure he's gonna leave in 2024 when his contract ends and either retire or manage Germany.

    91. K B

      Why the hell are the media obsessed with the Champions League, it’s no wonder why there is a small generation of idiotic fans. Whatever’s happens real Liverpool fans will support our club no matter what. Our club earns trophies not buy them. So what if we play a season in the Europa League. It’s still a top competition with a lot of the best teams in Europe, many of them former European Champions YNWA

      1. J T

        The benefits of the UCL go beyond revenue (though that is an important factor for any team - except maybe City and Chelsea). The top players in the world want to be in that competition. Attracting players to strengthen our squad is easier if we’re in the UCL. Honing your skills against the best clubs in the world, while tiring, also makes the team better for domestic competition. Yes, Europa would not be the end of the world. But I think we all want to see Liverpool playing on Tuesday nit Thursday next year. Exciting final day! YNWA

      2. Dakku

        Your comment is both Right and wrong

    92. I'm Prodigal Man 23


      1. Stevie G

        @Vik Sinha or draw

      2. Vik Sinha

        Only if Chelsea lose

    93. D FACE

      come boys one last push !! against tough C Palace UP THE POOL⚽️😁👍

    94. Faizal Zaidin

      Pay attention to all LFC fans at 8:50. Support our team with patient and encouragement.

    95. bergstrom oliver


      1. Roger Seow


    96. Dil Thapa

      Sign Konate and one very dynamic midfielder who can cooperate with thiago. No need to sign forward.

      1. Daryl Wilkinson

        We have 8 defenders in total. 4 returning from injury. We have Grujic and Wilson in midfield why do we need to buy more players in positions we don't need? We don't have a striker. That's the only type of player we need to buy

    97. Man with the Plan

      Good luck Jurgen. You can do it. come on Liverpool YNWA ❤❤❤

    98. Davi Santos

      Hi liverpool i'm FROM Brazil I'm DO not speak english

    99. Tapsi Vlogs

      1. Dakku


    100. Lee Enfield


      1. red chilli

        Thanks lee