Jürgen Klopp's pre-match press conference | Everton

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    Watch live as the Liverpool boss speaks to the media ahead of the Reds' Merseyside derby at Goodison Park.
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    1. Bruce Jackson

      Thanks, as always, Jurgen for being a superb manager @ LFC AND a thoroughly decent chap.

    2. John John

      Carvalho really surprised me with his aggression to win against Newcastle.

    3. Tom Trueno

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    4. Drick

      Love Klopps comments on Nunez. Sounds like he has learnt his lesson and used his time to train well and settle into our system some more. Hope he can now kick on from this and produce. As good as Firminho has been I just feel we lack cutting edge without a target man up front making runs in behind.

    5. Nahom Ayele

      I missed Thiago more than anyone

    6. Dean Steenkamp

      Maybe the past 2 weeks would be good for Darwin. Klopp doesn’t like throwing players in from the off, so at least they had more time to work with him and bring him up to speed on certain elements of our game

    7. Leon Tanaka

      A sudden broad smile appeared on Jurgen's face when he heard Darwin is back 😅😅

    8. Declan Culbert

      He just seems like the perfect understudy for Tiago. Will always take the weight of Tiago a work load too. I think he could be an absolute steal if he keeps fit and gets the right game time

    9. Данияр Ермагамбетов

      About Nunez:

    10. Mooselife

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    11. Teacher V. Osorio

      I remember when I was 10 or 11 years old and I woke up early to watch the Parma matches just to see Tino Asprilla play, and now, 27 years later is happening the same, but with a different fellow countryman, the great Luis Díaz (Luchito Díaz). It's simply amazing!

    12. Captain Dupong

      Tones of luck for the Reds...❤️❤️❤️❤️✊👍👍🤞

    13. I know I'm Papi

      it starts at

    14. ShaunTheLiverpoolTheMaster2009

      I hope We Win This Match Againist Everton.

    15. Titan Titan

      Ha ha I gave him a high five and a slap on the neck as well, in reference to Nunez sending off. Love your humour Klopp. YNWA

    16. D FACE

      MASSIVE game at Everton,great to have Nuno AND Diogo !!,not sure if either will start? but we have 2 wins (completely different) now,so we need to keep and get a RUN going!,it won’t be easy (a walk in the park 😉) but come on boys 3pts saturday and i’ll be 1 Very Happy LFC fan

    17. Nicolin Julies

      Lets get points! Hope Nunez will get enough play time

    18. ARAY YNWA

      Luckily season ❤

    19. Sandra Lee

      every Liverpool boys must be committed and focus to know every goals count

    20. Syaiful Anwar

      Saya dari Indonesia fans Liverpool soal sama Persija Jakarta semoga juara lagi amin