Jürgen Klopp's UEFA Champions League press conference | Napoli

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    Watch live as the Liverpool boss speaks to the media ahead of the Reds' UCL group stage opener away to Italian outfit, Napoli.
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    1. onbedoelde Kut

      I loved it when Jurgen told the translator to speak with aggression!

    2. T_G Rocks

      That change from smirking and laughing to sitting forward and becoming serious… I wouldn’t want to of been that journalist in that moment

    3. John Louis

      Starts at 14.52! 😊

    4. davideneno10

      Im from Naples and "I love it", I feel sorry for the last silly question. Very wise and bright answer from Klopp. Good luck for tomorrow. Ciao

    5. Stefan 4582

      The situation at LFC right now reminds me of the last season at Dortmund; nobody in Germany thought that Klopp could leave Dortmund

    6. Sista Aura

      Nicely Done Klopp 👊🏾

    7. damiano tascio

      Always the coolest man alive!

    8. Project 5am

      Aggression... Love Klopp

    9. Goat Stix

      Klopps awesome and Knows how the world works. Cant fool him. He’s like Andrew Tate and broke through the matrix.

    10. Paul Omalley

      Klopp knows how to talk to these journalists legend

    11. Nerdtv

      Liverpool fans I am sorry for the ignorance of the journalist who asked the question that angered the coach. The journalist is not from Naples he just wanted to create a misleading title. May the best I love win 💪

    12. Vin Stewart

      AB: Portugese, Italian and English! Smooth operator. Great goalkeeper!!!

    13. Connor Mckeown

      Alison is a proper legend🙌🏽

    14. Toby Ireland

      Focus on ourselves, play game to game and don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. Let’s get some good football on the go again. I have a feeling we’ve all (at Liverpool, players, and fans!) been keeping one eye one what City and now Tottenham are doing… I sometimes get the feeling the players are doing this this season so far too and affecting performances. Just a speculation…Better from Salah in last minute of the Everton game, perhaps that’s the turning point to get him playing at his best again…hopefully

    15. JC ANYIAM


    16. horst gentle

      I am glad to see Klopp putting a stop to headline sensationalism from the last journalist.

    17. Csaba Erdelyi

      The tendency to fail was already present in Liverpool even when they were winning games. I have been feeling an uncertain shadow growing over the progress of Liverpool FC. I support Jürgen Klopp, but it has to be said openly that he has two sides to him as a manager: 1. a true human being, father figure who loves his players, makes them feel as family. 2. when they play badly he still praises them, defends them, covers up for them, which confuses them, spoils them, weakens them. A real loving father also needs to know when to be tough with the boys, make them see their mistakes and show them, teach them, train them hard to stay wholly focused on victory. Train them that failure is not an option in the club they have the privilege to belong! Good change of mind in both the coach and the players doesn't cost money, but it will earn successful results.

    18. LFC Spectre

      Top LAD Proper Klopper 💪😎👍 = 💯 Facts

    19. michael Ritch

      YNWA forever#97...in klopp we trust

    20. Sergi

      Klopp 🔥🇩🇪