Jürgen Klopp surprises Jamie Webster and sings 'Allez, Allez, Allez' in Michigan

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    The Liverpool boss drops in at an LFC fan event in Michigan to surprise supporters and Jamie Webster.
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    1. Kalin Vasilev

      Not Every Manager do this for his team. Respect to Jurgen Klopp he is the best

    2. philwill0123

      Look how this man is beloved by every team he has managed. I'm not even a liverpool fan, but you cannot deny the man's charisma.

    3. Jay Wehrenberg

      I went to Anfield Tuesday night to “see Messi”

    4. Henrik

      He’s gonna get a statue in Liverpool.

    5. Ian David

      My favourite thing about this isn't just that Klopp walks into a pub like it's no big deal, but that everyone just loves him being there without mobbing or crowding him. He ends up having a singalong with the fans. That respect and love between club and community so clearly flows both ways. YNWA

    6. Duo Maxwell

      He's done the impossible, by wiping away Liverpool's 30 yrs of hurt and winning us the premier league. as a Fan of Liverpool Since 81, I hope he continues to stay with us for decades to come.

    7. Ayushman Ghosh

      I'm a United fan. But I gotta admit...this brought a smile to my face.

    8. Izzul Zulkifli

      The look on Jamie's face when Klopp came on says it all.

    9. Darth Gangsta

      I’m not a Liverpool fan but this gave me goosebumps. This is why Football is the greatest game on the planet. THE BEAUTIFUL GAME.

    10. john Ioannou

      Just when you thought you couldn't love Klopp any more he goes and does something like this.

    11. King James

      Paisley, Shankly, Benitez, Klopp.

    12. Mridul Biswas

      2 years later, this still makes me emotional 😭❤️

    13. Karl-Heinz Heinbach

      Kloppo is the best ambassador of our country. He is really the normal one and he chosed the best club for him. Naturally as a BVB fan I would like to have him back to Dortmund. But you guys in Liverpool deserve him. I really hope LFC will win the champions league.

    14. COYG !

      As an Arsenal fan, i love Klopps passion amd ambitions for this club, this man deserves to win trophies wherever he goes, one of the best managers rn 👏👏👏

    15. Rikhil Trident

      I am a united fan but this brought a smile to my face

    16. Paul Osborne

      what a manager and what a man, loved by all fans for how much he loves the game, we are lucky to have him

    17. Avishek Bhattacharyya

      Goosebumps this song/chant and Klopp are our never ending emotion


      I love how they just automatically get Jurgen a pint. Absolute god tier levels of respect.

    19. John T

      I've never seen a coach, in any sport, interact with the supporters like this. Fantastic!

    20. Jordan Farrell

      Anytime I feel down and having a bad day I watch this team or watch something to do with this team and I’m instantly happy! I love this club so much!!!❤️