Klopp: Braver, more ready and everything was better | Liverpool vs Ajax

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    Watch as the boss Jürgen Klopp speaks about Liverpool's UEFA Champions League group stage victory at Anfield, after Joel Matip won the game after an earlier Mo Salah goal was cancelled out.
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    1. RafaDinho ForLahm

      for once in my life I’m happy the international break is back…Thiago Jota and Kostas (coincidentally the guys who have had the fewest seasons with us) seem to be the only ones who can run and are match fit…integrating the likes of Ramsay, Arthur, and Darwin over these next three weeks is crucial Klopp, but you’ve earned our trust YNWA

    2. P J

      A lot of improvement and a lot to work to do. Thiago and Matip were immense….

    3. We are Liverpool

      I believe in our team, in our trainer, in MO! Mo scored an important goal for us, he is one who consistently needs our support, and he can be inspired by our reaction, if we criticized him he would be less effective, Mo is our LEGEND and we need to remember and enjoy contemplating his game!

    4. Amir Merican

      Important and massive 3 points. Huge result and great performance from the Reds. A much deserved win that can kick start our season. Come on Liverpool🔴

    5. Pete'sPete

      It was great to see Matip back in full force, Thiago gave us a brilliant performance. Lets just keep it together for a few weeks and Im sure we'll be back to our best.

    6. Liverpool RBeast

      Amazing play by Liverpool today!! Many great chances and 2 well worked goals.

    7. Anand Nair

      In Klopp we trust whatever the results. Assessing the squad after an amazing run since Klopp’s been here. It’s now time to re-invent.

    8. Thando 1000KING

      best performance we've had this season (apart from the 9nil)

    9. Marcy21 Precious

      If we had 2 more decent creative midfielders like thiago life would be sweet every day

    10. PFeynman

      Great Job LFC! It was a reaction, a right reaction and a good performance against a self-confident side - 7 victories in 7 games. From here our team will improve step by step. And believe me: Kloppo is capable of shaping Darwin Nunez into the best center forward in the world. Kloppo developed Lewandowski into world class and also Mane, Salah and also Firminho. He knows how to form world-class strikers. And Darwin has all the makings, a lot of talent. He has already shown it several times - also at the LFC!

    11. D FACE

      GET IN BOYS,great win-3pts tonight 👍 but it was the reaction and 80+% of the performance that was night and day compared to Napoli😁,it’s a much needed start that we should hopefully build on looking forward to the rest of the season,so to Jurgen Pep everyone in the LFC family YNWA

    12. Warrior J93

      A lot of improvements today and a lot of positives this time

    13. Daniel Makinde

      We'll never walk alone...I saw a couple changes really,Thiago is a really important player now and Jota has proven why he should start ahead of Nunez or Firmino.Great match,better to come

    14. Matthaus FC

      Got to admire Klopp just for his passion and

    15. Ispeak Binary

      Thank you Klopp, Walk On 💯❤️

    16. Waylon

      Thiago was crucial. Also I think next time Ajax can be a lot better. They lost a lot of players and this new team needs time to develop.

    17. lemon tree

      Let this be the start of our season. Let's keep winning like we know we can.

    18. Garfield Marston

      We play much better than the last game good luck going forward let's go lads🔥♥️

    19. Rizzy A

      The fact were so reliant on a injury prone thiago to function as a team is very worrying.

    20. Ryuko Matoi

      He is amazing!