Klopp's Reaction: Carvalho update, Salah & more | Everton vs Liverpool

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    Watch as the boss Jürgen Klopp speaks after Liverpool's Merseyside derby draw with Everton at Goodison Park.
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    1. Rivex Editz

      Believe me or not.. Klopp should play Salah the same role as he did last season. I have noticed this season that Klopp has kept Salah deep and wide and we saw that in today's match too. Nunez and Diaz didn't have much support

    2. R Rover

      Bottom line is we have become too predictable and every team sees and knows that. Ancelotti said it in UCL final “ we know how Liverpool plays “ it’s always the same. A new player comes in and is told how to play, even if it’s not natural to him. If we don’t refresh we will not reach the heights we reached the last 5 season.

    3. Corey Sherman

      We support and believe in you Klopp. Rough Start but we will come back! YNWA

    4. Eltk

      This team feels like it is in a crissis. Players underperforming and I can see even the pressing is sluggish. There is a lack of desire to win. They look exhausted in every game. The attack pushes the ball in front without ideas, the defense and midfield is poor with no dynamic, energy and intensity. Liverpool has won many big games even with Henderson and Milner. Ofc midfield needs a refresh, but this team is lacking more than its midfield atm. I hope I am wrong but this is not the same Liverpool we had last year, not because they are not winning, but the way they are playing right now. At the end of every game you see these opposing managers say we played really well. No, just it is not the same Liverpool we were used to in recent years.

    5. Soccer F.C

      Good Save From Both Keepers, Allison Save was out of this world😮

    6. Safwaan Ali

      We looked a lot better when we went to a 4-2-3-1 with firmino playing No.10 role, taking off Trent to put Milner on vs Gordon and Grey was abit confusing for me though, also kostas was our best player before he got subbed

    7. John Read

      My take is the lack of speed and intensity. Players seem hesitant and play safe sideways and backwards passes. It needs quickening up. Against Bournemouth you saw the difference this makes. When you are slow it becomes predictable and easy to defend against. It's the worst thing you can do against deep defending teams, is be slow and predictable.

    8. We are Liverpool

      People ask here "Why Salah didn't score?" If you looked at the match you wouldn't ask the questions, Mo played in a different and unusual position, and most of the time he was compelled to play in the midfield, there wasn't someone who could give him a pass. Mo Salah is more dangerous near a penalty area, and he almost scored in the end of the match. I first noticed how he worked in defense when Everton players were running to counterattack Mo Salah rushed back, stayed near Alisson, and helped him to save our team.

    9. Sami

      I want to take a moment to thank the person/s who do the subtitles for these videos. As someone who also has to work in subtitling, and as someone whose first language isn't English (making it even harder to understand Klopp or the reporters way in the background) I greatly appreciate it!

    10. gabriel chungu chitoshi

      Noticeable weaknesses in the players we have is failure to keep the ball. Losing the ball too easily to opponents has been noticeable in our team always. I have seen two or more of our players being dribbled past by just one opposing player. This must be worked on in training. Poor ball retention is killing us.

    11. ㅇㅇ

      This is the result of not cleaning up unnecessary midfielders in a timely manner and not recruiting midfielders.

    12. Debanjan


    13. Eduardo Hernandez

      I don't see a massive problem. We're just in the process of getting a few new players into the team and have a few injuries right now too. It's not all going to come together instantly and as for today's game it was just an outstanding performance by Pickford that kept us from scoring.

    14. representin' vaal - 016 💯

      Bobby was brilliant since coming on. Another quiet game by Mo although he nearly won it. City most likely will make it a hattrick of league titles cause Liverpool are out of sorts.

    15. Sama Morssi

      change Salah's position please, he's less effective that way

    16. NISSAR PA

      Sometimes we have to just grind a match & today was that day. Our free flowing pressing was not possible because our midfield was non existent & so our forwards was not getting the balls as usual. Pressing & counter attacks were not possible & that shows one thing, everton played much better than us. They blocked our shots & recovered our second balls most of the time. We did not give many diagonal balls to either Nunez or Diaz . Infact we have totally ignored long diagonal balls. Link up play came only after Firminho's arrival, he created more chances. A draw was a better result.

    17. Cheese shit 999

      Salah needs to be put back in the role hes always played at this club instead of playing deeper and wider

    18. Nassir Mohamed

      I will definitely play Salah at number 10 just behind Nunez and play Fabinho and Arthur behind Salah as holding midfield,.I will play Elliott on right wing and Diaz on left wing.We need Salah to support and get closer to Nunez and just be that play maker.

    19. tower 29

      Good to see Tsimikas getting a chance from the start today.

    20. Hamdi I

      We lack of enthusiasm to attack and the absence of Thiago Alcantara Really 😭😭