Klopp's Reaction: Defeat for the Reds in Champions League | Napoli vs Liverpool

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    The boss Jürgen Klopp addresses the media following Liverpool's 4-1 defeat away to Napoli in the UEFA Champions League.
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    1. Emilio Aram Alvarado

      It doesnt matter if we finish 10th or in Europa League, i will always support Jürgen and the lads for everything that they had done for us

    2. Flush

      . Who submitted the league after 30 years

    3. naimusic

      This guy reinvented our beloved LFC… We Reds in Liverpool both love and trust our Kloppo 😎🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇩🇪❤️✊

    4. Diego Montenegro

      I'm heartbroken ATM but no matter what I'll support the manager, the players and this team to the very end. We can't go further from the ground. We get up, dust off and go again. YNWA.

    5. madzangels

      Feel bad for Klopp - poor transfer window despite all of his success he deserves more trust and faith from a board than any other manager I can think of bar Pep.

    6. bash Funkadelik

      The worst we have seen for years, but anyone who knows this team and manager will know how we can bounce back, yes we lost Mane, so what, Klopp has built a team that won everything and will continue to make true lfc fans proud for years to come. CHIN UP KLOPP! CHIN UP LADS! GO AGAIN! SMASH THE WOLVES

    7. Gustav Øspina

      Despite the loss, i side with Jurguen, it was just the first one, was pretty similar when we lost against Napoli and psg,... get up, dust off and keep going, that's what Liverpool means, you are not walking alone despite a loss, keep carrying on, this is not over. ✊👊

    8. Lennart Gottochblandat

      In Klopp we trust! YNWA❤️

    9. Don Kim

      Playing the high line without pressing with soft defense + midfielders who can't pass nor keep the ball + attackers isolated in each positions..

    10. Agilen JeyamRaj

      We stand by you boss! You're the best thing that's happened to this club. Loose all remaining games and our opinion won't change!

    11. Chechep Purnama

      Win or loose in a game is very normal, but the attitude and reaction towards the next games that is what really matters.

    12. Daryl1876 Wilkinson

      "imagine if we had debruyne in our team." We already have Trent with basically the same assist statistics playing as rightback. What we all need to do is lobby for Klopp to play Trent at Right center midfield and Elliot at Left center midfield with either Gomez or Ramsey playing as Right back. This would improve our team immensely. A 4 2 3 1 formation would also help

    13. Mikasa Ackerman

      We'll back stronger inshallah.

    14. shiftmaxmeister

      I rate klopp for coming out and saying sorry for the performance. I'll back klopp till he is gone. Hopefully we pick up performance and get back to what we were. YNWA

    15. Cesar Cedillos

      Klopp has to seriously rethink the high line defending. I know we won the premier league y champions league playing like that, but for it to work, we need a World class Van Dijk, not the current Van Dijk.

    16. Csaba Erdelyi

      The tendency to fail was already present in Liverpool even when they were winning games. I have been feeling an uncertain shadow growing over the progress of Liverpool FC. I support Jürgen Klopp, but it has to be said openly that he has two sides to him as a manager: 1. a true human being, father figure who loves his players, makes them feel as family. 2. when they play badly he still praises them, defends them, covers up for them, which confuses them, spoils them, weakens them. A real loving father also needs to know when to be tough with the boys, make them see their mistakes and show them, teach them, train them hard to stay wholly focused on victory,. That failure is not an option in the club they have the privilege to belong! This tough sense of love Klopp should learn from Guardiola. Good change of mind doesn't cost money, but it will earn successful results.

    17. Eltk

      As long as we play Milner and Gomez, we will have a lot of these matches during the season. This was not a football match for Liverpool, this was a comedy. We looked a lot like Man United when we trashed them 9-0 last year.

    18. Ruben Azevedo

      I'm a portuguese benfica fan, but i love liverpool it's the one i support the most after benfica i really felt sorry for all of you fans... you don't deserved this... i hope you recovered and have a wonderful season❤️

    19. JJ Kui

      In Klopp we STILL trust!

    20. Hani

      Liverpool fans we are having a hard time but isn’t the YnWA song supposed to be applicable now? We have a nightmare start absolutely shambolic but I trust Klopp in this times even more.We can criticize all we want but let’s not forget how much this man turned us around. Supporting Lfc has never been a bed of roses unless you are a new fan for past five years.We have seen darker days than this before Klopp.I love this manager even more in tough times because tough times reveal how much we stand with the club.Not just here for the wins.Walk on lads!