Liverpool 5-5 Arsenal (5-4 on penalties) Reds win dramatic 10-goal thriller | Highlights

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    1. Luke Wakeford

      My first time at Anfield was that match, one sentence, there was no defence on either side 😆

    2. Ray Naidoo

      Liverpool youngsters: sorry we let in five goals...

    3. Barshan paul

      D. Origi just made me crazy, he is outstanding of all time..

    4. Newerachamps

      Half time speech

    5. GliTcH Adapt

      That oxlade Chamberlain goal goal was fire

    6. Омар Нургалиев

      2009: 4-4

    7. Altantuya Dorjbaasan

      Liverpool: This means more

    8. MrRoztoc

      19 goals packed in less than three minutes. Respect!

    9. John Baker

      Wait...all these goals were filthy...this was so fun to watch. Damn both of these teams have amazing young talents. The real winners were the viewers

    10. Henry Windsor Rurikovich

      What an excited game plus penalties what a moment over there in the stadium , brilliant 💓

    11. asrey rey

      Chamberlain what a goal🔥⚡

    12. DeltaHacksource

      What a game! Good luck to Liverpool with the rest of the season ❤️

    13. MrMoonwalker1992

      Fans to Origi : How many times are you going to score at the last minute?

    14. soulengraved

      Man, re-watching this now for the 100th time, 9 months later, I feel like the kids and the senior players from both teams are kind of relieved from pressure and are just playing with freedom and joy. And it's evident, the goals are unbelievable. A really entertaining match. Loved the passion from Brewster. All good, but I still wonder how the ref didn't see that Torreira was offside for Arsenal's first goal.

    15. Lewis Farr

      As an arsenal fan I absolutely loved watching this game, pure entertainment for both teams. Good luck in the next round too, hope you go on to win it!

    16. NerdyDave2017

      What a stunning performance from both teams. 😍

    17. Sameer Diab

      Never EVER Give Up... Brilliant come back. Great game from Arsenal. Nicely done boys.

    18. gnilrans

      Can you imagine how unstoppable Kelleher must've felt after making such a save in front of the cop during the penalties. What a feeling.

    19. Tim Guerra

      Origi has got to be the most clutch player to ever play in sports

    20. kenyan crazy

      Chamberlain and origi just made Anfield explode with gem of goals 🔥🔥🔥