Liverpool FC's Goal of the Month result | August

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    Presented by EA Sports, take a look at the goal that you voted as the best by the Reds in the past month, from Harvey Elliott's screamer to a late Fabio Carvalho winner against Newcastle United.
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    Жарияланды 17 күн бұрын

    Пікірлер: 173

    1. J

      That Diaz wonder goal will be one of the best archived goals in LFC’s history… He’s a passionate warrior for sure…

    2. StonedFinn

      Diaz's goal is exactly what we hoped for when we signed him. Unbelievable strike, let's hope the rest of the team starts playing on the same level.

    3. Boris Brian

      Diaz's goal deserves it, Such a beautiful strike and a much needed Goal 🚀

    4. Daresh

      What a wonderful luis diaz goal, the best thing is that it’s not one lf those rare goals, he constantly does this goal, it’s his signature

    5. M.K.H 31

      Luis Diaz screamer of a goal is definitely GOTM, Facts. Top finish from a top player 💯👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    6. RB_EDITZ

      Diaz, Elliot and Carvalho have been shining this season

    7. Mahee Alahi

      That diaz goal was one of the best goal of lfc history, so he deserve it.

    8. Tayiba Ali

      diaz, carvalho and elliot have been really shining at liverpool this season 💥

    9. MAVIMO

      Diaz, the most beautiful goal 😃👍

    10. MaxwellBXC4546

      So much potential in our attack, we just need a battling midfield to unlock even more from them

    11. Thando 1000KING

      well deserved winner

    12. Hakani Mateen

      Luis Goal is amazing one ✨❤️

    13. Sandra Regina

      Diaz o melhor!!!

    14. Liverpool supporter

      Diaz is gonna carry us this szn

    15. Ollisprett

      Diaz is a talent

    16. Joe Goddard

      I think I’d have Carvalho’s goal against Bournemouth in there somewhere as well, the ball from Trent to Tsimikas, the first time cross on the volley to Carvalho, and then the volley from Carvalho himself

    17. Xilwa Xilwa

      Luiz Diaz best player 👌

    18. Teeti Normm

      diaz is a beast🔥

    19. CamFan

      Lovely goals.❤️

    20. Nogsy.edits1

      Elliot is gonna be so good in the future