Liverpool players react to their FIFA 20 ratings | Van Dijk with Salah, Mane, Firmino and more

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    Watch as Virgil van Dijk dishes out special limited edition copies of FIFA 20, and hits his teammates with their ratings on EA Sports' latest title. Who will react best? Disagree with any of the ratings? Let us know in the comments below.
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    1. Sayan Debnath

      Firmino is totally underrated. He's best quality-unselfish teamplay.

    2. Phoenix Warden

      Salah: gets freaking 90 rating

    3. Vuong Dao Nghe

      Mane's attitude is the best! He didn't know what the heck he was looking at but he said "could be better" 😂

    4. Adam Corbett

      What I love is every player said “Thank you”. Manners cost nothing.

    5. gazbason

      I believe Sadio hasn’t got a clue what he was looking at, man looked so confused

    6. Hudaa

      The friendship between Virgil and Matip is amazing, unstoppable

    7. Huzaifa Gujarati

      Mane : "I'm there?? Oh...ok"

    8. George YNWA

      I miss Virgil so much 😭

    9. mada.

      all BOOMS:

    10. Al

      This video, more than any game, shows what class Liverpool has. Love Mane "Could be better!"

    11. lezec

      "I deserve more."

    12. Bhim Thapa

      Nothing like Virgil, simply the best!

    13. ……1357.J

      Virgil when showing Mané’s card (88): could be better

    14. SJ 24

      *Mane and virgil once they were born

    15. Smiley Face

      I love how the English sit w eachother and the Brazilians😂😂

    16. 1K Challenge With 0 Video

      One of the best things about dude is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something. he always respect us the audience and his team he is polite in all his life 🙏🙏🤘

    17. Abraham Fjæreide

      I like the way virgil is so proud of his card😂

    18. Exploit

      “Could be higher”

    19. Darth Vader

      Mane is one of the best footballers in the world and one of the most humble human beings. Mad respect

    20. S. O

      Virgil: I'm injured and will be out for the whole season 😢