Liverpool's UEFA Champions League press conference | Ajax

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    Hear from the boss Jürgen Klopp and a first team player ahead of Liverpool's Champions League group stage tie against Ajax at Anfield.
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    1. Saul Ziyech

      the fact that jurgen accepted every mistake done by the team, and re watched the match in the eyes of the fans, and responded to all the questions we all had in our minds, makes him a world class coach. I dont think liverpool will ever get a manager like him. YNWA builD this man a statue

    2. 아이요 의 남가친구

      It doesn't matter when the team is losing, we are not disappointed in Jurgen Klopp

    3. Liviu Toma

      Reporter: "It is difficult to not play for 6 days because you lose your rhythm?"

    4. ibgib

      Matip has a fantastic mental game. Underrated player.

    5. Esmat Nalshik

      Was certainly hard to recognise the Liverpool that played Napoli last week; backline leaked and was casualty beaten early on and throughout, midfield vanished for most of the time, frontline stranded and largely ineffective and Klopp often looked uncharacteristically bewildered as he watched over from the touchline.

    6. ellie kramer

      "When you think of Ajax, you think of the Champions League" That,s completely right.

    7. Leon Tanaka

      Klopp really makes a proper feasibility study on the opposition, he knows Ajax have won all their games this season and are going through a re-build, WOW

    8. Alexander Hikmala

      Don't even think someone can replace Klopp.. Liverpool never had money power to spend like City, chelsea and United..still the best manager in the world. YNWA

    9. AWA

      I sense fireworks by this LFC squad. The team have been fortunate with the rest so this our time to bounce back

    10. Hakani Mateen

      In Klopp We Believe.. We support our club ,no matter what 💫 YNWA ♥️

    11. josh gavin

      Come on boys I have faith that you guys can turn things around !!!!!! Let’s go!!!!!

    12. hani abdo

      I hope the Reds come back the way it was, because it's the real scare for all the teams most of the time we miss the team play, and it's a lot of individual play.. Diaz has to pass the ball a lot.

    13. John McMahon

      Starts @


      I hope that after that game the players realise they have been coasting through the season so far.Napoli has demonstrated to the players what level they need to be at to compete for the biggest prizes. The body as well as mentality must be working together it was as if they forgot who they were playing for not many players get the chance to play at the highest level of footballl competing for the biggest prizes this takes effort they need to remember this.

    15. Youssef Hossam

      It's time to have arthur left cm and thiago right cm and actually control a damn game and help fabinho defend for once

    16. ARAY YNWA

      I wish you victory greatly in the WORLD LIVERPOOL ❤🍾🍀💎🍷

    17. Damian Puia

      Many forget the good you have done but highlight the bad and become armchair managers Klopp has accomplished alot in his tenue YNWA. Be there through the good and the bad "through the storm"

    18. ARAY YNWA

      Klopp stay STRONG HEART man 🍀👊

    19. Tyler's toys and more

      I said it as soon as the season started, we are rushing up field, not thinking on the de fence side, I commented on Liverpool fc on Instagram that we need to get back to our roots, defend well, then look at stacking, our most threatening goals were from counter attacks, 2 to 3 touches and in the net

    20. S F

      Its all very well Klopp saying he has watched the Napoli match and told players to defend better! Unfortunately I think the problems are far more deep rooted. Perhaps a lot of our players are now no longer able to play the way he wants (on a consistent basis) and are on the decline. Time and tide wait for no man! I fear they just could not cope with a young fit mobile pacey attack! This season will tell us all we need to know...