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Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    1. Trent Alexander Arnold Fan(66)

      Welcome to the Red Family ❤🔴😈

    2. D FACE

      welcome to the Family i wish the BEST YNWA

    3. NuclearProTon

      Geez those camera clips from Arthur were clean!! Welcome to Liverpool, Arthur!

    4. T H A N O S

      Welcome to the family🔴❤🔴, Arthur♥️🤙

    5. Kristoffer Steenbjerg

      Welcome to the party Liverpool ❤️❤️👍🏆

    6. Locke Hiah

      Arthur looks a bit like Lucas Leiva when he smiles

    7. Hamody Hamody

      Welcome to LFC Arthur 😈♥️🔺

    8. MASELKO_Editz™️

      Welcome i wish you the best hope we will rebuild your career

    9. Liverpool fan club

      Red together 🛑✊

    10. Editzx™️

      I’m a big fan y’all if you read this ur a true legend💙❤️🔥✨

    11. Tripong Mahantamak

      Welcome Arthur

    12. mnz

      Welcome New Red ! YWNA🔴

    13. Abdallah Ashraf

      Good Luck Bro ❤️❤️❤️

    14. Jackie Phiri

      Wellcome to Anfield Red🔴❤..YNWA

    15. Nguyen Trung Kien


    16. The Yeeter Gang

      Can’t wait until he dominates the midfield✨✨

    17. Sheeeeesh

      Welcome to the Reds Arthur 🔥

    18. mohamad akil

      i hope he play as good as his smile

    19. Stephen Picton

      Arthur Melo🔥👐🔥

    20. Екатерина Немыкина

      Добро пожаловать в красную семью артурчик