RATINGS REVEAL: 'On The Spot' with Ox, Jota, Elliott & Ramsay | EA Sports FIFA 23

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    Ahead of the launch of EA Sports FIFA 23, four Liverpool first-team stars are challenged with guessing their player statistics in this season's title, as Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Diogo Jota, Harvey Elliott & Calvin Ramsay go 'On The Spot'.
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    1. Seid Cubro

      No way Ox argued over Jota’s physicality being better than his when the lad is injured 24/7 😭

    2. P J

      I love the calm and gentle way Jota told Harvey his ratings will improve since he is just 19/20. I suspect he will reach 80 in FIFA 24

    3. kampinak

      honestly 78 pace for Ibou is shocking as he is one of the fastest people on the pitch when you watch him play, thats one of his main strengths being a quick CB

    4. Daryl1876 Wilkinson

      Jota is so special. Showing Elliot his fifa 16 rating so Elliot could understand that things will get better

    5. Nay Myo Zaw

      Love how Jota motivate a young player with his rating at the age of 19 ❤

    6. Stephen Brown

      Nice how Jota made Harvey feel better by showing him his own rating at 19.

    7. epska

      I love how Diogo makes feel better Harvey by comparing their 19yo cards. Class touch.

    8. Chapmann Au Yeung

      Jota already being a big brother to young players. Class. Future leader of our attack. (please stay fit by the way we need you 😭😭)

    9. AstralStef

      Ox ego doesn’t seem massive he’s just HILARIOUS no matter what needs to be in front of cameras on or off the pitch

    10. Brainfart

      Much hope for Elliot and jota this season! True potential on my favorite team

    11. Takki Yuttayong

      Gotta admire Jota empathy towards Elliott ❤️

    12. akmal zulkifli

      can’t wait to watch ox and calvin playing for LFC! speedy recovery guys!

    13. Aaditya Bisht

      Nah bro Harvey is so underrated

    14. Bohlim Creation

      Ox always in FIFA rating video just to embarassed himself 🤣🤣 atleast he's doing great off the pitch

    15. 3allz

      Harvey being out most of last season mustve put his stats in statis for the FIFA devs. He should definitely be higher than 73 OVR, even with little game time so far, he's proven he's got quality.

    16. Lugano

      If Harvey turns out to be as good as Diogo, he'll have one hell of a career!

    17. micky james

      Love to see it. Hopefully we can kick start our season after the break

    18. Tom Turner

      Jota showing his rating was class

    19. Beorn

      Awesome to see Ox again, when his playing career is over Liverpool should employ him for LFCTV. Definitely need to release the ratings reveal video for the Women’s first team. YNWA

    20. Syzrl Anwr

      Geez i really want to see Ramsay in action. Hope he’ll give Trent a run for his money