Roberto Firmino's Ultimate LFC Five-A-Side Team | "Only five!? Aye Yai Yai!"

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    Жарияланды 9 күн бұрын

    Пікірлер: 159

    1. Mahardhika Maulana

      Didn't pick himself what a humble lad!

    2. pashwayar

      Bobby’s probably a demon on a 5-a-side pitch

    3. J

      I remember seeing some kid asking Salah (in his own language) who's his one favorite player to play along with, and immediately Salah replied: Firmino.

    4. craigangel nqaba

      Firmino is such a great player may God bless him so much

    5. Gas Tipis

      Humble, unselfish, positive, family man, and religious. Such a role model. We love you Bobby!

    6. Ivy Morgan

      The title should be "Bobby counting his best friends for two and a half minutes"🥰

    7. Andyjh316

      Bobby you are a legend my Fav LFC player of the last 15 years please stay a little longer!

    8. adhiraj saini

      Firmino, our samba artist 🔥

    9. الاستاذ عبدالغفور محمد

      You will remain one of the most important symbols of Liverpool.

    10. Pixelated Pigeon

      Great Friend of Mine FC. Bobby is a club legend.

    11. James Richards

      The is no better sight for a Liverpool fan than Bobby scoring!

    12. Tariq Mehmood

      Hope firmino stays with us for many more years .

    13. sahida alam

      Bobby is the heart and sole of Liverpool! 🔴💪🏻 I wish he never leaves 🥺💗💗📍

    14. Ethen Green

      That is some 5 a side team. Well done Bobby.

    15. Grayston Vaz

      Love you bobby… you’re the best.. 🔥 so humble and down to earth.. god bless ❤️

    16. Wind Lord

      Bobby picks “grande homens de Deus” in his squad. He knows what they produce is nothing short of miraculous.

    17. Lam Cheek

      You're a great player with great skills and character.

    18. AFunkyHypnoCat


    19. Chumlan Patton

      Coutinho was a surprise pick but I understand why he picked him. Liverpool's version of Coutinho was a treat to watch.

    20. Hani Mann

      Interesting he be a good manager in 5 players he picked is a true spine of Any team goalkeeper defence midfielder and forwards …may Klopp need talk him for advice