Salah's first day at LFC | Signing day vlog series

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    We were with Mohamed Salah every step of the way as the Egypt international underwent a medical, signed his contract and sealed a move to Liverpool.
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    1. unknwn  :)

      4 years later:

    2. solar gospel

      I'm from the future, this lad helped us secure a premier league title after 30 years. Great signing

    3. Strike football edits

      Turns out to be one of the best signing in history. No one can hate him he’s to good and to nice

    4. Global Secularism

      He is a true "One Season Wonder". Replayed every season.

    5. charles lee

      Those members of the public who took photos with him wouldn't have any idea that this man will end up becoming one of Liverpool's best ever players.

    6. mustafa Ibrahim

      It is crazy how he found his groove in and he broke many records already, and still has a long way to go .what a humble down-to-earth player, A true Liverpool legend.

    7. Frederik Telstad

      Who else is here after his unbelievable solo goal vs man city? KING

    8. Shaikh Azam

      That was the turning point for Liverpool. It's like they hit the jackpot 🔥

    9. Shahmirr Mirza

      Who could’ve known he would become one of our best ever.

    10. Mohd Awad

      He takes your heart not only with special play, but also with his high morals and humility

    11. Allan Philip

      This video is one of the most treasured pieces of our modern history which people will look back on and marvel at.

    12. Coxyy

      Now hes signed for another 3 years the legend that is salah continues his spectacular career

    13. aim buzz

      He is such a humble man and keep smiling in everyshot. Masha Allah.

    14. Ollie J

      this signing still gives me chills, he’s already a club legend while still playing for us. respect, appreciate and love him while we still can. my egyptian king 👑

    15. Shivansh Khandelwal

      Was bought as a backup for the existing front three, went and broke the Premier League record by scoring 32 goals. Legend ❤️

    16. Jafar

      I couldn't stop smiling while watching the video. Mo salah 👑

    17. Colin Segura

      Watching this video now is crazy after everything that’s happened. One of the greatest premier league players ever

    18. Audiotronix South-Africa

      Damn, 5 years ago and Salah looks 10x better than the day he arrived. The man is a beast!

    19. Eslam

      This video should be titled "The birth of a legend" !

    20. Димитър Дойчев

      4 years later - best player in the world and already a Liverpool legend.