School pupils get a Christmas surprise from Coutinho, Firmino and Ox | THE REACTIONS ARE PRICELESS!

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    Philippe Coutinho, Roberto Firmino and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain give the pupils of St Pauls Junior School a Christmas surprise to remember. The unsuspecting kids thought they were being interviewed about their favourite Liverpool players but unbeknown to them, the three LFC stars were ready to catch the youngsters by surprise and some of the reactions were priceless!
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    1. Leon

      The more I see of the Ox, the more I like him. On and off the pitch he's a class act. The way he's improving every game, the kids will know who he is next year.

    2. Faith Wild

      that brazilian girl was too cute and bobby and phil were SO sweet to her, god i miss phil💔

    3. Naz

      OX just got roasted by kids throughout this whole video

    4. Conor Treanor

      Coutinho: speaks brazilian

    5. Zac Gunn

      I feel so bad for oxlade he’s so good

    6. Paddy McAuley

      I understood the Brazilian girl more than the Scousers

    7. rockymen1968

      They should make a video with all the times Ox gets roasted by kids. They have no chill 😂😂

    8. Tem Horas?


    9. Pikes

      I’m an arsenal fan and I’m just saying this is so disrespectful to ox 😂

    10. Ivan Sitohang


    11. Random Guy

      Now Chamberlain is a baller

    12. Haricric03

      “You’re coutinho, you’re Firmino and he’s oh I don’t know you”

    13. Debo

      Poor Ox, such a great guy and one of the players I liked the most at Arsenal, always play with heart and he has tons of pride and honor. The only player to stand up against wenger in public. Always applaud the fans and respected them whether we win or lose (unlike Alexis and many other cowards who throw their gloves and storm out of the pitch with no respect to the fans travelling hundreds of miles to support them). Best wishes for you Ox and you will be loved and respected wherever you play, give it time mate and all them liverpool kids will like u as well

    14. Jackdaw99

      The little dinky Brazilian girl talking portuguese with the lads was heart warming. Great to watch. I wanna know if they did play in the snow now!

    15. Fletcher Razaq

      The brazilian girl was so positive. We all need a natalia in our lives

    16. Murray Taylor

      My favorite moment "

    17. Douglas Alves

      Não entendi uma palavra, mas pra que palavras com a alegria dessas crianças!? 👏👏👏

    18. R 12

      How coutinho breaked these kids little hearts

    19. Gavla Tennis

      Ox is such a great lad! He took that well!

    20. Ilike2 danceonmycar

      Kid:" I love liverpool, because Coutinho is in the team"