SHOWREEL: Harvey Elliott ignites midfield against Newcastle

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

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    Presented by Quorn, take a closer look at Harvey Elliott's all-action midfield display in Liverpool's 2-1 win over Newcastle United.
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    1. Yodit Yohannes

      Sounds weird to say but I never realized he was such a great passer with the ball. Him and Carvalho have been a bright light in midfield so far.

    2. Adolph

      He was buzzing last night. We have a generational talent on our hands.

    3. Aaron Spargo

      Imagine how deadly a Elliot, Carvalho and Bellingham midfield would be in 2-3 years time

    4. Momoh Timothy

      i love inteligent players. Always wanting the ball at his feet, moving forward .... love to see more of that.

    5. Choky Youns

      Imagine... his injured for long time, broken leg... now he playing like that... he very young... brilliant...

    6. DatedWizard

      Best player for Liverpool this season, long may it continue & for the love of god please don’t get injured.

    7. Shuvankar Bhowmick

      He's a generational talent. Eliott + Carvalho + Bellingham will be one of the the best midfield trio in Europe after 3 years.

    8. Craig Beckley

      I love his energy on the ball... he doesn't dilly-dally... he's alive every time he has the ball at his feet... switched on and ready to move

    9. Warrior J93

      Fantastic performance from him yesterday

    10. azuki1982

      Give Harvey more playing time and he will be the next big star!

    11. bogohotdogz

      This kid is truly gifted. Fast, smart, and ALL HEART

    12. Layth Barzangi

      Man of the Match by a mile. He was everywhere and involved in everything.

    13. Derek Oconnor

      He’s such a clever , talented lad. What a player. He’s improving week on week. Expecting Harvey to be used well by Klopp this season. Hope he can cope with the physical aspect of the league cos he’s gonna be a marked player. Top man Harvey

    14. Klopp - SuperCoach

      Harvey masterclass What a maestro

    15. Daniel Nehemiah

      Harvey is class. Always knew it, a real wonderkid

    16. Bill Jackson

      Carvalho scored and looked so lively and without a goal or assist hands down Harvey was the best player on the pitch ball retention, linkup play, breaking up of play was all Bernardo silva wonder player to have we’re so lucky to have two young players like this

    17. Yusuf Hussain

      was at the game last night and what a display of skill from harvey and not only that he got the crowd going by waving his arms and got the atmosphere buzzing big win reds

    18. Jack D

      he was incredible last night, as I thought the game had escaped us the one thing I took comfort in was how much of a joy it was to witness his performance, the way he uses his body to shield the ball and take on players is very iniesta/xavi esque.

    19. IJackLynx

      Incredible performance from the lad. Can’t wait to see him grow as a player. His confidence grows in every match he plays and in a couple of years I really think he’ll be a big game player!

    20. Mr Flying Raijin

      what a player! loved his performance 😍