Showreel: Thiago's dominant midfield performance against West Brom

Liverpool FC

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    In association with Quorn, take a closer look at Thiago's man of the match performance against West Brom in the Premier League

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    1. No mind

      Defender: Wanna air duel? Thiago: Sure Defender: I am 15 cm taller than you Thiago: I dont care

    2. V998

      Some of those passes were unbelievable a cut above the rest

    3. K Major

      this guy in his prime could dribble passed all real madrid players.. Young age play like iniesta at this age play like xavi .. poor barca..

    4. K Major

      and someone said Nabi Keita better than this guy.. unbelievable... this guy was this good even at this age. you never seen him at prime age... it was literally magnificent.. xavi plus iniesta

    5. RAZN 07

    6. محمد الشهري

      Ahh, what a player.

    7. k. adam

      What a player!!

    8. lelaki suka merekam channel

      Thiago legendary barcelona

    9. Rath Paisan

      he is a good blending of Alonso+Coutie+Hendo+Pirlo.

      1. k. adam

        Hendo? 😩😩

    10. RB

      Please make Thiago vs Crystal Palace video.

    11. inc Pv


    12. BossLim 010

      Football not just about Goal & Assist ❤ You need programmer system to win the games Thats why Thiago~

    13. Peti Jam

      World Class Player

    14. Zi Solo

      Le Maestro

    15. Ula Diving

      every touch look beatiful

    16. Ula Diving

      great technique, i like him

    17. Rudy Lopez

      Finally Thiago has showed his Bayern Munich skills to anfield.. Thiago's the man!

    18. Abdul's​ Art​ Style

      He is very classic at playing football. Full of experiences.

    19. Josiah Lutchman

      Miss our Bayern boy ;(

    20. Toby

      What a player

    21. Dan 123

      Thiago’s per 90 statistics in comparison to Premier League midfielders with 1500+ minutes played: 9th most pressures (22.3) 8th most tackles (2.9) 8th most key passes (1.6) 6th highest xGBuildup (0.45) 6th highest passing accuracy (89%) 5th most dribbles (1.6) 4th most accurate long passes (5) 4th for passes made under pressure (10.7) 3rd most passes (82) 1st for progressive passes (8.82) 1st for passes into the final third (9.95) The fact that some people don’t rate this man is ridiculous 🤦‍♂️

    22. G Tube

      I would do better

    23. Numinous20111

      Does anyone know what the latest is with Wijnaldum? Is he going? Milner must be due to announce his retirement soon. With Henderson getting older and apparently more injury prone, this places more pressure on Thiago, both in reduced 'rest' games and having to cover more midfield duties. Apart from Curtis Jones, all the other squad midfielders have had very patchy seasons. Kieta has been injured (on and off) for most of the last two seasons. Shaqiri seems to be less favoured by Klopp and hasn't been consistent as an impact sub. Oxlade Chamberlain has been unlucky, but must be deeply frustrated.

      1. Numinous20111

        I'm deliberately leaving out AA moving into wide midfield as an option.

    24. P.Kopong

      We love U THIAGO.Thekop form Thailand.🇹🇭

    25. Abdullah 02

      Idk why they sold coutinho and buy thiago which was same gameplay! Hmm

    26. Joel Paul

      1:39 Not many midfielders would attempt that pass and get it right

    27. Rizal B

      With full squad this team Will be unstopable neext season

    28. Prithvi Prakash

      Absolute fire. This performance went under the radar thanks to Alisson's goal. Either way, he's really starting to integrate himself fully into this side and is getting better with every game. Can't wait to see what's int store next season.

    29. Marco So

      Tiago ❤️ what a world class player

    30. Kristopel Simbolon

      Thiago 👍👍👍

    31. Bernardus Lopez

      Mascherano 2.0 [improved version]

    32. Rastavaria Flo

      Thiago roll mode, nice performance... Next we do best for league, champions, cup carrabao.

    33. Best In the World

      The only thing better than his passing is his emotions after we scored every goal. It is superb!! He celebrate with passion, like a champions league final goal. And his tackling/defending is getting better now too

    34. Ронахи Дневной свет

      This guy's style of play is very similar to Xavi, it's fun to watch Thiago when he's really fit.

    35. Colin Quigley

      Means nothing must do it against top 4 teams!

    36. Syed Fareed

      at last he’s showing his maestro skills.. hope he can contribute goals too esp for next season.. cmon Thiago!

    37. Mungte Zomi

      love you man

    38. A S


    39. y1521t21b5

      The real _Thiago Alcântara_ finally standing up! *_YN🔴WA_*

    40. Leo

      The Music is horrible..

    41. Arep Man

      Delicious is a valid term to use in football when it is for thiago.

    42. pesona Indonesia

      Good job Thiago

    43. Juna Shrestha

      Who is missing vvd

    44. Evan Hafizhan

      1:42 how the f**k did he even do that

    45. Shane Ali

      😍👌😋 🔥 Mane. Firmino . salah Thiago Fab Hendo Robo vvd konate Trent Allison

    46. nightmareinblue


    47. EnnaCheikyView

      Thiago is more of South American than European, only from language you can see Spanish in him but every other things about his game is Like Brazilian 😍❤️

    48. Saif

      Took him a while to settle down here but at least he eventually settled

    49. Darth Nihilus

      Does anybody know the song in the background? Can't seem to find it

    50. Helpless Film

      He got a radar inside him.

    51. Bevan Ellis

      Thiago, takes risks.... we need risks to make it into top 4.. fine skill... what a player we have

    52. Red Morphins

      Full of Passion 🔥

    53. Swag

      2.21- World class pass💯

    54. Saud Ali

      Him and Mo in particular are really trying their best to drag us over the Champions League line. Their frustration and then relief were great signs for the next two games I thought.

    55. maldini lovren

      outstanding performance. love it

    56. Harry Murphy

      Only convincing performance he's put in this season against relegated west brom. Maybe if he wants to shine they should put him in the championship too 😂

      1. Chemb Sajin

        Another muppet

    57. Football Forever HD

      /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// see the best football channel here //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

    58. Minimalist SG

      Why did Kloop let the useless Mane play? Just because Mane is unhappy and snubbed Kloop, now Kloop have to let him play? Mane performance is pathetic and absolutely useless, a striker than can't score is like a piece of sh*t in the middle of the road.

    59. Jacky Ryan

      Butter smooth

    60. Thomas Collins

      Mane's miss from within the 8 yard box really sums up the level of finishing we have to put up with this year 🥺

    61. bobby caulloo

      and some said Thiago can’t tackle.

    62. Tukrrjobbs


    63. MHS 79ers

      Cant wait for next season, they bond like brothers

    64. Dan Tan

      His skills, winning mentality and passion. Look at the way he celebrates the goals (including his own) 3:20

    65. Sharvaan Sharex

      Whenever Thiago gets the ball I get excited because he can make an amazing pass into the final third

    66. Albert sinaga

      02:21 only few ppl can have vision and accuracy like that jeez 😱😱

    67. Tantra Aminulloh

      If Virgin and matip back next season, we will win the epl

    68. Dabo


    69. Varun Madhavan

      When you have Xavi Hernandez playing for Liverpool ...

    70. Mamang Khongsai

      Top quality.Can’t wait for next season.

    71. alessandro erbetta


    72. Splooshy

      Great player, but trash music!

    73. H

      I just love thiago ❤ he's so good at tackles plus he shows great confidence & can be a great leader too

    74. G SQUADRON

      Yeah all that dominance and yet we couldn't score a 2nd goal to kill the game off.. SMH

    75. Zoqo


    76. Victor Etonu

      Thiago bossed it in midfield. Quick to win the ball, and with wonderful passes too. In my opinion, he has seamlessly fitted into Klopps system. Hoping for more of this

    77. SavageMindSavageLife

      This guy is settling in nicely...he is about to be our Xavi/Iniesta...he reminds me of Suarez with how you can see he is levels above the rest of the squad in terms of sheer quality

    78. imt lol

      He now pressed higher. He got more balls by doing so. But still commits some faults that should not be. Next year will surely improve more

    79. Paco Jimenez

      Great compilation vid, but my word, that music is not a good fit. It's putting me to sleep. 🥱

    80. Hussein Rakha

      Just look at this assist at 0:40 and how Sadio shot the ball !! Mane is really bad this season.

    81. Oris HuLu


    82. Stefan Doyle

      He wants the top four so badly. You can see what champions league means to him.

    83. vidiyanssah wijnaldum

      Thiago Sang maestro 😍

    84. LFC Spectre

      Watch this space, he'll be one to watch out for next season.

    85. Ynot


    86. Victor Marins


    87. JC ANYIAM

      PURE CLASS ACT!!! It's been a TOUGH TOUGH 1st Season- He's been a TARGET POOR TACKLES-right from His 1st game- remember Richarleson's VICIOUS challenge on Him!!! He Will be a different proposition next Season- As He gets used to the physicality of the PL.

    88. Mr Pizza


    89. Dee dee

      Guys it was West Brom they were playing not even a mid table club..he's not THAT good

      1. Dee dee

        @Chemb Sajin wow🤣🤣..relax, just my opinion no need for name calling🤣🤣🤣

      2. Chemb Sajin

        Shut up muppet

    90. Liam Dixon

      More like this please

    91. EpicLedger LLC

      dream midfield would be Fab-Thiago-Hendo with all VVD back in defense...

    92. Khairullah Nasar

      Love from Asia ( Pakistan)

    93. Shaun Dyers

      This is proof KLOPP don't make mistakes when it comes to signings just give them time

    94. O'Brien Denis

      it's funny cause he's been playing like this since day 1 and people criticize him alot lmao, but now the whole team played well and he finally got the praised he deserve in the first place, some people are just hypocrites.

    95. Ahmad Radwan

      I hope the same performance against better teams

    96. L. V.

      Team next season: Ali; Trent, Gomez, VVD, Robbo; Hendo, Fab, Thiago; Salah, Jota, Mané🔥

    97. MaRio DouH

      The background music made my parents come all the way to check what am I watching :S

    98. Pranav Patil

      I still don't believe we've bought him, and he plays for us 😲 Such a masterclass 🙏🏽

    99. Ronny Nielsen

      Thiago needs to shoot more 💥

    100. iJavi

      1:42 what a pass that is