Thiago & the 29 players who scored their first LFC Premier League goal from range

Liverpool FC

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    As Thiago Alcantara became the 29th Liverpool player to score his first Premier League goal from outside the area, take a walk down memory lane to see the other 28 players, from Mark Walters, to Xabi Alonso and Fernando Morientes who made their mark in a similar fashion.

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    1. Kishan Kerai

      Makes sense that Peter crouches goal is something like that 🤣🤣🤣

    2. LDEN

      Agger😍 still remember his goal like it was yesterday, our Great Dane, I always wanted to be Agger when I was playing myself

    3. ilyaas Fakier

      Free Palestine

    4. bagus fauzillah

      Xabi Alonso vs Newcastle ❤🤙🏼🤙🏼

    5. R0bski

      Lol 80% of these were deflected why cant we get more of that these days

    6. Clinch Knot

      I’m surprised Gerrard ain’t actually here

    7. Satchit Gor

      Neal Mellor the original Origi😂 scored a crucial goal against Olympiacos and Arsenal😉

    8. Techit Polnin

      No gerrard or Coutinho ?

    9. aizat27

      LMAO Shelvey. Nice ping indeed. One for Liverpool's goal, another one an 'assist' to Moses.

    10. Zariq Zaffuan

      1:39 The opponents number 8, even my grandma can chase better then him 😂

    11. Harry McMullen

      This made me feel old! Growing up I’d watch clips from the 80s/90s and I could see the game had gotten quicker. Now watching clips from my childhood and the game has got noticeably quicker again! I also just realised that you almost never see the ball bounce before it goes in anymore - almost every goal has to be struck cleanly to beat the keeper now. Mad. Some belter goals here by the way.

    12. Fahmi Rezza

      Wow, i forgot we ever had Victor Moses in our squad.

    13. Jimmy D

      Who are these people

    14. Erik Pedersen Brårmo

      1:40, what even is that defending by nr.8 😂😂

    15. Black Magic

      I will always love the Kit with CANDY and the CARLSBERG era’s & the CROWN PAINT must get a mention ❤️⚽️💯

    16. gary1961

      Thiago goal was the only one without fans to celebrate it in the stadium, goddamned Covid season!!!

    17. Gursewak Singh

      need to add Nat Philips goal :)

    18. Seth gaming And football

      YNWA ❤️❤️

    19. Bisma Rana

      bro fabinho... against city


      Alisson goal

    21. Connor R

      First 4 in the same year 🤣

    22. Талгат Серкбаев


    23. Ivrish con-Abarth

      Crouch´s was probably one of the highest shots scored.

    24. Rickdiculous

      you have released this soon, add ALISSON BECKER and say proudly he is our Goalie

    25. Maxim Tsvetkov

      They should re-upload the video with Alisson‘s hit

    26. A. K. London

      So sad that players hardly ever have the balls to take long range shots. And we need them so much vs tight bus defending teams

    27. Abid Anjum


    28. Adrian Yeung

      shelvey scored, seconds later shelvey assist, class.

    29. Tatwadhika Rangin Siddhartha

      Class of 92, more like class of long range bangers

    30. Endras Lucky

      Buying A. Zambo Anguissa(Fulham) is good if Fabinho is absen

    31. Aleksander org

      You forgot Trents first goal

    32. Double Z

      3:49 Dayyum that shot accuracy 😲

    33. Husen Nugraha

      Where Riise?

    34. jeep Indonesia

      Where is Luis 7..??? OMG i can't believe you forget him.

    35. chsssify

      7:05 shelvey scores a screamer 7:17 shelvey gives the ball away for a Moses screamer

    36. efootball PES Cambodia

      Hello Liverpool

    37. y1521t21b5

      It felt like _Thiago_ sparked something positive, personally and for the collective. A defiance and rekindling of a familiar never-say-die mentality that continued last night at _Old Trafford._ May it grow and restore the performances and free-scoring we expect from the _Mighty Redmen!_ *_YN🔴WA_*

    38. lolz2435

      c'mon guys crouch's goal is the best

    39. Bernadette Pearson

      The premium child postsynaptically calculate because secure comprehensively afford for a easy geology. skinny, uncovered flax

    40. Anthony Monaghan

      Isn't Milner still the youngest player to score a goal in the Premiere League at Leeds?

    41. Adi Narayan

      These guys are just hacking.... Trust me

    42. rochdiliverpool23

      Shame that his first LFC goal was in an empty stadium, and especially in an empty Anfield. Same to all the LFC debut goal that came since March 2020, not the greatest souvenirs in my opinion, because there were no fans in the ground. And with full packed stadiums it's different as well.

    43. SA SulaimanAbu

      Really satisfying when commentator said "it's first Liverpool goal from him" ❤️

    44. Matthew du Sart

      Come on champions

    45. AjoLFC

      Charlie Adam. So underrated. Dictated the play brilliantly for Liverpool.

    46. Liverpool First Goals 😍

    47. Anshul Chandaliya

      Best part of this video has to be Mascha screaming “f*** off!” after his goal 😂😂😂

      1. Anshul Chandaliya


    48. M. Umar

      Crouch scoring in the most Crouch way possible

    49. CoolCat 10

      Thiago’s goal had a combination of LFC TV commentry and Sky Sports’s Bill Lesley!


      looks so easy

    51. Magrin Barrie

      a statue for divock, please.

    52. Naviin Suthevan

      Where's Fabinho strike against Man City?

    53. PapaQ

      Lots of grea goals, but Agger wins it for me.

    54. Michael Fong

      Rafael benitez, brendan Rodgers, fabulous managers

    55. Chris Brown

      Pennants 🔥🔥

    56. Michael Fong

      Smicer and hamann brings back so good memories

    57. DS PEAK

      l love you

    58. SoClose

      Europa league next season 😭

    59. aj Tom

      really miss our fan on the stand

    60. kitotour travel

      all goals out of the box.. but i didnt see Jota's goal

    61. عالم الرياضيات للدعم UNIVERS des Mathématiques

      We need to beat man untd and let s go to the top 4 We are with you

    62. Satriyo Nugroho

      Fabinho vs manchester city

    63. Invisible Guy

      Truth is bitter la. Thiago's contribution in Liverpool is very bad la. Just simply overrated by everyone la. I never ever got excited to see him in Liverpool. Mane, Firmino, Salah, Jota, Origi & Shaqiri are the real men Up Front la. And ya, I just love Gini & the rest liverpool players. But never ever got excited to have Thiago.

    64. Application Master

      Only if we were there



    66. Sarita Ramdass

      Did anyone notice the players scored their first goal outside the goalkeeper post

    67. Omed Saed


    68. Aimless Ideas

      So the title says players whose first goals were long range...but when dossena scores the commentator says 2 in 2

    69. nick j

      We don't have too many in this squad who like to score from outside the box..need a dossena moment against United to really have a crack at qualifying for the champions league..

    70. Mr. 06


    71. Devante Jackson

      No matter what anyone says Divock Origi is an LFC legend

    72. Devante Jackson

      1:25 The commentator is just calling everyone by their last name until he gets to my man Julian 😂😂😂

    73. VANDIJK ആരാധകൻ


    74. VANDIJK ആരാധകൻ


    75. VANDIJK ആരാധകൻ

      VIRGIL 💓

    76. VANDIJK ആരാധകൻ

      VIRGIL 💓

    77. VANDIJK ആരാധകൻ

      VIRGIL 💓

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      VIRGIL 💓

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      VIRGIL 💓

    80. karl Erasure

      Still sad that Agger left us. What a pity.

      1. Evan

        Agreed, apparently his body was starting to fall apart though. He could come back for the rest of the season!

    81. Charles Rio

      o how i miss the anfield roar

    82. bergstrom oliver


    83. Ruruzegreat

      Where is manes vs arsenal

    84. Farxiyo apdi Iraad

      Best my team✊✊💕😃😃

    85. Sean Lee

      Jonjo Shelvey appeared twice in a row, first for his goal, then an assist for Moses as the opposing player 🤣

      1. Sonny Fox

        Same with the first guy

    86. Daryl Wilkinson

      Shaqiris bicycle kick was legendary

    87. Nur Cahyowati

      Victor Moses, Liverpool legend

    88. Hari Sankar

      Dossena - Legend...😬🤭😅❤️

    89. waxkale maxamed


    90. Rhinoceros

      Crouch’s goal was so weird

    91. Zoqo


    92. Football Nerd

      2:26 Karl Heinze Riddles goal was superb. If Eric Cantona scored a goal like that, the media would be drooling over it for decades....

      1. Cool Dude

        Lmao exactly

    93. Nurul Husen

      Fabinho goal?

    94. Zaid Arab

      All these goals compiled Only for a Tiago.

    95. Oddity

      Remember when we all thought Moses would be amazing after that goal

    96. Chris Palmer

      Slightly concerned that the vast majority of those players were ones for whom it didn't quite work out at Liverpool.

    97. A Yousef

      Amazing goals ❤️

    98. Dikshit Sood

      Bit wrong about Dossena's goal, he scored first against Real Madrid then ManU

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    100. Zakir Hussain

      Its eid tomorrow and I wish we win united will be best eid ever