Van Dijk & Robertson's behind-the-scenes 2021/22 LFC kit vlog

Liverpool FC

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    Virgil van Dijk and Andy Robertson take us around Anfield for a first look at Liverpool's new LFC home kit by Nike, for the 2021/22 season.

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    1. Melhem Slayman

      Liverpool ❤❤❤

    2. TR


    3. Ant Mac

      What are they wearing masks for? Oh the scamdemic.

    4. محمد المري

      ‏اشهد أن لا اله الا الله وأشهد أن محمد رسول الله

    5. Alex Vryonidis

      I thought this was Ox's show...

    6. HamOnRye Chinaski

      VVD is The Man. So stoked for next season. He's been much missed on pitch but remains a key figure. Great 👍👌

    7. Adam Shafique

      Big Virg with his Air Dior Lows sheesh

    8. sri daran

      2 WORDS. Comeback season. And the crowd goes willllddd

    9. AhmaD Farghali

      I love virgil

    10. 27shocking

      Nike is really fucking up here 😒

    11. ItzBrayden

      VVD has better english than Kane 😂

    12. Steve Urkel

      good to see the big man lets get ready for the new season

    13. Nahid Hasani

      I hope we win a trophies with this kit.☺

    14. Glent

      The king in new kit

    15. Glent

      No Orange pls


      Robo looks awesome and so tose vvd

    17. Mike Cofojohn

      See you soon big man.

    18. _4leppZ

      im laughing when virgil say 'Hey sadio , your shorts " hahahha

    19. gb997

      didn't like it at first but it's growing on me. maybe i'll wait until late season clearance sales 😂

    20. Billy Dolton

      @Liverpool FC - when was the shoot for the 21-22 NEW home kit filmed ???

    21. Khalifa Fuad


    22. Coffee Fueled Curmudgeon

      Second disgusting kit in a row. Can't bear the thought of the other two they'll knock out. When do we get rid of Nike again?

    23. Zigi F1

      2:45 a little Suarez cameo

    24. Ernest Ang_BK

      where's ox?!

    25. Mohammed Jamal

      hey Virgil how was the hospital

    26. William Anthony

      That camera rig cost more than my tuition

    27. Faye southall

      Nice shirt! I really like the away shirt

    28. Jamie Blake

      No ox 😤

    29. Jamil Ogla

      Let’s go Liverpool’s new kit

    30. Nityawan Pittayapreechakun

      Van Dijk, miss you loads, can’t wait to see you on the field again

    31. Mikey B

      Worst kit launch ever that makes the kit look terrible FFS - which isn't the case. It looked so much better in game. Only hope is it grows on people as the season progresses as, judging by the number of views, LFC & Nike have failed so far as feedback has been negative given how awful they've made it look here.

    32. البـــحر Sea

      Miss u virgil

    33. Peter Muhoho

      Not a Liverpool diehard supporter but I would be lying if I said I haven't missed watching Van Dijk playing.

      1. yonis

        it's the calmness I miss. Seeing Liverpool defend not being nervous! And If I feel that as a fan, I'm sure the players feel that when he's around, which means less mistakes happen. I miss him so much :(

    34. Jhuma Das

      Where is Alexander Arnold

    35. Naomi

      Comeback season!!!

    36. Ryan Makawi

      Mantul, subscribe brother 👍🏻

    37. YPJ

      Robertson and his Scottish 😍

    38. Leo Muniz

      Nike meets Warrior.

    39. h16. instinct

      Who's here after we got top 4

    40. PlayMoreGuitar

      Virgil - Boom! Couldn't be better...

    41. Paul James

      Orange. On a home shirt. Really.....No respect for the club, just cash, cash cash.

    42. Mac Vaz

      Virgil is so consistent with his looks same with sadio

    43. Reef raiders

      Showed my mrs when van dijk walks out in the kit , I said isn’t this nice! Her reply was he’s nice 😂

    44. Garalt Of rivia

      Mane ใส่กางเกงผิด 😂

    45. ปิยวัฒน์ บุญเลี้ยง

      YNWA 💓💓💓💓💓💓 >>Thailand

    46. iain Drennan

      Van Dijk is going to tear up the Premier league in that kit next season, comeback season, Ballon D'or incoming

    47. Fintan

      the OX

    48. RedKen

      Virgil is the man. I can’t wait till we see him on the pitch next season

    49. Malay Gaherwar

      Why is this video so desaturated. Please make it look fire like VVD.

    50. So good

      RS.Roma 🤣🤣

    51. Daey Zee

      Van dijk slightly looks like Rio Ferdinand 😁

    52. mohammed zayed

      Is he going to play

    53. Muhammad seedat

      My dad: put your Liverpool kit in the bin me: no never

    54. Jon Sheen

      100+ quid for recycled bottles likely made in a sweatshop. Seems fair.

    55. Richard Scales

      Take those pathetic masks off.

    56. Will Mercer

      Ox is meant to be the host.......

    57. Only Red

      Virgil good like !!!

    58. ชื่อบอส เฉย เฉย


    59. D FACE

      Big Virgil back next season FIT N 🔥ING that’s going to be huge !!!

    60. Declan McCartney

      Big Virg!! They’ll all see next season

    61. Göktuğ Turgut Çakır


    62. cowo single


    63. Itsmetoast

      Discusting kit

    64. Aydan S

      Absolutely dreadful kit. Really hate the fact that Nike have taken it upon themselves to use orange in the kit. Orange is not a Liverpool colour. Are they going down the Real Madrid route of embellishing the kit with different colours every year. Are we going to see pink, purple, blue, silver, gold etc details over the coming years? Liverpool should be red with white details. Or red with yellow details at a push. I know they had green details last year and in the early 90s however I'm not really a fan of it. But orange??? That is without getting onto the hideous patterns etc. Hate it.

      1. Aydan S

        @Mikey B Agree. It really annoys me they can't make a smart kit for LFC. What they are producing doesn't look serious to me. But I admit, I've never been a Nike fan. Annoying to me that both LFC and England are Nike now.

      2. Mikey B

        Traditional colours are red, white & golden yellow - in that order. Club crest should be made up of only those colours and teal should be removed. Think they do need to switch things up a bit every 3/4 kits though, either by using a pattern made up of two shades of red, or different colour accents - just not teal/green, blue, orange or black. Cream, golden yellow or gold accents would work well. Maybe a little dark purple/claret paired with gold using the 17/18 new balance darker red could work - just don't trust Nike to pull it off as they are terrible at matching colours and pick some of the worst-looking patterns. How is it Nike & Adidas can produce decent PSG & Arsenal kits, without using tacky patterns and horrible colour choices?

    65. Trystan Grant

      I don't like this kit at all tbh but if they changed the orange to white it would be completely fine

    66. UCallMeWinnie

      If the orange was white it was such a nice kit

    67. halim tuah

      hopefully full squad nex season with no injury

    68. Stalker T

      without virgil . liverpool defender is a joke

    69. 201ด.ช.ติณณภพ เสาวคนธ์ เลขที่9

      Hello Liverpool now Virgil Van Dijk When will you play for the club?I hope you're back at Anfield.

    70. Owen Fanning

      This means ox is leaving then, he usually smashes kit launch. No other reason why he isn’t on this

    71. aris igit


    72. FC VICKKY

      Liverpool Uyiree 🔥😻

    73. Flip Idea



      VAN DIJK EVER ❣️❣️

    75. Firstlady054

      Who else loves Virgil's confidence

    76. Phil RIta

      Great to see Birg Virg back and Robby the cheeky chappy! But that kit? Orange and red? Not for me. Nike been all hype and nowhere near the last lot. But if they bring in Mbappe all will be forgiven.

    77. nux2 ff th



      Nike are such a lazy company, taking some of new balance brands for Liverpool last two seasons jersey.

    79. Ронахи Дневной свет

      There is a slight rural style on the upper part of the electromagnetic field surrounding Van Dijk's body, so ordinary people should not touch this style of clothing. :D

    80. StuTheBru me

      in the old days looking like thast,he would be put back on the pitch,,but then he was running months ago ynwa

    81. Marcus Saifert

      Kit is yuck

    82. Frenchdarealist

      Virg is packing SHMEAT sheeshhhh

    83. joshua o7

      Bro seeing Virgil back in a Liverpool kit🥲

    84. 앙리형님

      보고싶다 반닼

    85. Albert Prayogo

      terrible color grading

    86. Alton Zeqiri

      looks like roma kit

    87. Wendell Shorteyes

      Actually gutted the details aren’t white

    88. LIVERNIL753

      The World Has Changed and no longer 1994!

    89. AFMakers

      Praying Nike see sense and change the orange to white before the new season starts


      Hello my rival 😊

    91. Ava White

      ❤️❤️🥵🥵 vvd

    92. No Yes

      My captain 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💙

    93. Ned from the hill

      Didn't anyone notice how dreadful the new jersey looks? What's the story with the neck and sleeve collars? Did a child pick the colour? Congratulations on creating one of the worst looking home kits in lfc history.

    94. Jackie Brown

      Love you Robbo and looking forward to seeing VVD back but I don't like the strip. ❤️ 🔥 YNWA 🔥 ❤️

    95. Ashraff Haquem

      Van Dijk is back! For a kit photoshoot. 😂

    96. 266zeo

      Seems alike roma's uniform

    97. Juan Lopez - ESL

      just imagine Ramos and Van Dijk together in the same team.

    98. abdulhameed amin

      Kit is a big fail

    99. Aaron

      Virgil is just so f*ckin cool aint he😂😂

    100. B̸a̸i̸l̸e̸y̸ J̸o̸n̸e̸s̸

      Not even a joke we have to win the title this year, if not champions league 🔥🔥🔥🔥